How Using Facebook’s Creative Hub Can Give Your Ads a Leg Up

Apr 2018
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The hot ticket in digital marketing and social media management these days is summed up in two words: Facebook Ads. A good marketer should always know how to create a stellar Facebook Ad…but it’s not always easy.

The team at KWSM is constantly on the lookout for tools and practices to help optimize our ads, and we may have found the best one yet. It’s called Creative Hub, and here are four awesome ways it can really boost the overall quality of your ad creation:

Create polished mockups

For marketers that need to submit ads for approval, mockups have become one of their greatest tools, along with occasionally being the bain of their existence. Mockups take time! But with Creative Hub, everything’s streamlined for easy use and a very professional looking outcome. Marketers creating a mockup simply save their template, copy a preview link, and send it off for approval. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Preview Ads in their native environment

When using other ad mockup tools, you might find some unique ways to present or preview your ads before you go live. However, sometimes when you finally plug everything into Facebook’s Ad Manager, you see that things are ….different. One of the best aspects of leveraging Creative Hub is that all of your previewed ads are going to appear the same way they natively do on Facebook.

Explore different ad types

Using Creative Hub gives marketers a little freedom to play around. You’re not actually creating a campaign that’s going to spend money, so you can practice making all of the different kind of ad sets Facebook has to offer. Afterall, practice makes perfect!

Make sure your images are approved

There’s no worse feeling for a marketer then when they go to make their ads live only to find out they have failed Facebook’s infamous and sometimes infuriating 20% rule. Luckily, Creative Hub comes with a built-in text checker that analyzes your image content for Facebook approval. Just load your image and hit the button and let Creative Hub give you feedback on how Facebook thinks the creative would perform!

Facebook ads are one of marketers greatest tools these days, and with so many different types of ad sets, creatives, and campaigns you can make, marketers should take advantage of any tools out there that might boost their ad performance. Because Creative Hub was made by Facebook and works in parallel to Ads Manager, it is the most intuitive avenue for crafting polished previews for your Facebook Ads before they go out into the world.

Are your Facebook Ads causing you frustration? We’ve got answers! The team at KWSM are trained in Facebook Ad’s best practices and can straighten out any kinks you have. You can always reach out to us during our Social Media Help Desk Facebook Livestream and asks us in real time for the fastest answer! Or you can always reach out to us via email.

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