5 Must-Have Apps And Tools to Boost Your Content in 2018

The content you make is the face and voice of your brand. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your social platforms – and if you’re doing it right, it will help you connect with your audience and convert them into customers!

Your content matters. And the tools you use are key to producing fresh, dynamic posts.

As we enter the New Year, it’s worth pausing to take stock of your inventory and ensuring you have the best apps under your belt!

So here are 5 must-have tools to help kick your 2018 content calendar up a notch…


Typos; the bane of any content writers existence. If you write for a living, then you know that the longer you stare at a screen, the more desensitized you become to catching simple mistakes. Especially if you’re operating on an empty belly and a cup of coffee. Grammarly is a lifesaver for anyone who needs help catching those tiny errors that tend to fly under the radar. It’s free, and you can either download the extension for your web browser or use the website itself.

AdParlor Mockup Generator

The AdParlor Mockup Generator is a nifty online tool that does exactly what it sounds like – generates mockups! Content creators can plug in their copy and images to create post or ad mockups to help map out their ideas and layouts before committing to a campaign. Or: send clients polished mockups of any ads you intend to run for them – you’ll be sure to impress!

What The Font

A great time-waster for most content creators is scrounging around for the perfect font. WhatTheFont is an intuitive mobile app that identifies an image’s font at a glance. Simply open the app, point and snap a pic, and let the app analyze the font.

Sticky AI

Sticky AI is a fun app that helps boost your Instagram Stories and messenger prowess. Make your pictures into colorful stickers or playful gifs using the app’s seamless cropping capabilities and bright backgrounds. With a simple interface and a beginner-friendly learning curve, the app is equipped with quick creation time for anyone who crafts their content on the fly. If you want to sprinkle some personality into your brand’s IG Stories, this is a great addition to your content-making arsenal.

The Hemingway App

Named after one of America’s most treasured writers, this simple yet innovative online tool will step up your prose game. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill spelling or grammar check – it’s an intuitive style check utilizing artificial intelligence. The Hemingway App is designed with both “Write” and “Edit” modes to allow for uninterrupted creation or meticulous revision. It supplies you with a readability check, an adverb counter (to encourage you to use more powerful verbs instead), and alerts you when your sentences are boarding on too long. This free tool will help you write concise and smooth copy! Anyone who writes will find this invaluable with a capital “I”.

Need help giving your brand’s content a jumpstart? We can help! Contact us and ask about our Social Media Bootcamp. You can also read our latest marketing strategy advice for the new year.


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