How to Use Facebook Messenger to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

May 2020

How to Use Facebook Messenger to Enhance Your Marketing CampaignFacebook can be an effective tool to reach your customers where they hang out. Facebook Messenger is an underused tool that makes your marketing campaign more successful. Facebook has 1.3 billion active users, but only 31% of businesses are currently using Facebook Messenger to support their digital campaigns. This means your business can dominate the playing field. Here’s how you can use Facebook Messenger to run your most successful campaign yet.


Did you know that Facebook Messenger messages have an open rate of 70 – 80%? This means customers are more likely to respond to content delivered directly to their inboxes. Instead of using your best content for a monthly newsletter, deliver it through Facebook Messenger ads instead. The internal chat box allows you to speak with your audience immediately and you’ll have a better chance of closing the sale. It also gives you the opportunity to suggest new products or services and get instant feedback from your customers.


Does your brand host events? Whether digital or in-person, Facebook Messenger can keep the conversation going before, during, and after your big event. You can send reminders, real-time updates, and engage naturally with your customers. Higher engagement in Facebook Messenger benefits your Facebook business page too. The more customers want to talk to you, the more Facebook wants to tell others about you.


Using Facebook Messenger for your marketing campaign will not only bring in quality leads, but it could also cut your cost per lead in half! That means you are spending less money to reach customers and can use that excess for other marketing avenues. ‘Click to Messenger’ ads are a great way to generate low-cost leads within the platform. It will help you break through the social noise and target your customers one-on-one.

Customer Support

For many consumers, social media is the place to get their questions answered. Most people visit a business’ Facebook page to resolve issues, learn about a new product, or even make a purchase. Using Facebook Messenger gives you the opportunity to establish an effective customer service plan that delivers quick responses and turns prospects into loyal consumers.

The success of your digital campaign depends on achieving your overall business goal. Facebook Messenger can help support your goals for lead generation, raising awareness, and even building your brand’s image. No matter your objective, it’s important to create a unique plan that delivers your ideal results.

megaphoneFacebook Messenger results in a 70% better open rate than email marketing.

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