How to Show Your Company’s Culture on Social Media

Apr 2021

With so much content to consume on social media, users don’t want to interact with pages or profiles that are only focused on selling a product or service. It’s important that you show followers that you’re more than just a business – you have a culture and people just like them working for you. When users recognize that the account is using social media correctly by sharing original content and limiting the number of stock photos used, they’ll be more likely to engage with your content because it shows a bit of personality. To show your users what it’s like behind the scenes of their favorite business, try out these types of social media posts. 

Document Everything 

Whether your company is participating in a charity event or just getting lunch together, you should be snapping a quick photo when you have the opportunity. If your team isn’t able to go out somewhere for lunch, or events outside of the office aren’t a part of your work-life anymore, find little moments in the office or over a video call where you can capture how your team spends time together. If everyone is working from home, have your team meet for a virtual lunch and take a screenshot of your computer screen to show that your team is still making an effort to interact with each other. 

Use Personal Photos 

This year we all saw posts featuring some essential helpers to help us get through working from home – our pets! If your team is working remotely, and their trusted sidekick is nearby throughout the workday, have them give their pet a little camera time. Most people love to see pictures of animals, and some of the photos can be pretty comical if your dogs or cats are all up in your workspace. If your team is connected on social platforms, browse some of their content to see if there is anything you can share on the company’s pages. Look for morning coffee routines or, if they share pictures of their home office, ask your followers if they can relate to your team member. Be sure to ask the individual if they feel comfortable with you using their photos before sharing.  

Highlight Members of Your Team 

With so many challenges this year, it is important to celebrate the small wins. If a team member has a positive experience with a client, ask the client if they’d be willing to talk about their experience. You can include their statement with a photo of the team that worked with the client. By giving your team a shoutout whenever you can, you show people following your page that your team is doing some really great work, and you show your teammates that you are proud of them. 

Working from home has created many challenges for teams all over the world. But now that we’ve had more time to adjust, your company’s social media posts can be used to show that your team is in similar situations that your followers are in and that together your team has been able to still have some success. When users see that you are trying to show more of what working for your company looks like, they feel closer to you and won’t mind giving you a like, share, or comment when you ask a question. 


Real images are 95% more effective at generating leads than stock photos.

If your team is ready to show your company’s culture, we’ll develop a fully customized strategy based on your unique needs, and then we execute your social media marketing strategy on a daily basis. You run your business; we run your social media.

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