Advantages to Cleaning Up Your Email Marketing List 

Apr 2021

When is the last time that you cleaned up your email marketing list for your business? Best practice suggests that you should be cleaning up your email list every three to six months. If your business utilizes email marketing multiple times per week, however, you should be cleaning your email list more frequently. 


On average, your email list will decline 20 to 30 percent per year; over one-third of email or newsletter subscribers will not open your email messages. 


Cleaning your email list and removing these unengaged subscribers from your email marketing list will ensure you are only communicating with those interested in your communications, will result in fewer bounced emails, and may even show an overall increase in ROI.

Tried and true: email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for businesses in a variety of industries.


Communicate Only with Those Who are Interested

When your company is sending emails in mass to a list of hundreds or even thousands of people, it’s hard to know if those people are truly interested in what your business has to say.


Those people who never click to open your emails are likely not interested, and thus are unlikely to move down your business’ sales funnel. By clearing those addresses from your email marketing list, you’ll know that your emails are being delivered to those most likely to open them, read them, and even take action from them. As an added bonus, once you clean up your email list and narrow it down to just those who are interested in your communications, your open and click rates should improve.


Send Fewer Bounced Emails

Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons; the two most common are full inboxes or a change in the user’s email address. 


Bounced emails work against your company’s email marketing credibility. If your email marketing platform sees a high number of bounces it will negatively impact your delivery rate (the same is true if too many subscribers mark your email as spam). 


Removing email addresses that bounce will work to improve your delivery rate.


Improve ROI

Scrubbing your email list can work twofold to improve your company’s return on investment.

First, many email marketing providers like Constant Contact or Mailchimp charge a monthly fee based on how many emails you have associated with your business’ account. If you are leaving emails in your account that aren’t interested in your communications or are bouncing, you’re using up storage space and subscription dollars that could be put to better use.


Second, the goal of email marketing is to have the user take some sort of action with your business, typically purchasing a good or service. By only keeping engaged email addresses on your email marketing list, you increase the likelihood that those emails will be opened, clicked on, and lead customers through the sales funnel.


49% of consumers would like to receive email marketing from their favorite brands.


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