How To: Network on LinkedIn

Feb 2020

people shaking hands, how to network on LinkedInLinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for your business if used correctly. Known as  “the world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn is home to over 600 million users in more than 200 countries across the globe. This means a lot of opportunities for your company to connect with employees, industry thought leaders, and partnering businesses. Wondering how to build these relationships? It all starts with networking.


Build Your Network

Networking on LinkedIn refers to connecting with people and pages within the platform. These connections can be made through “friend” requests and groups. Similar to other social channels like Facebook and Instagram, each personal profile has a follow type of button labeled “connect.” Once you click this button, you can send a message with your request. It’s a good idea to include a short elevator pitch on why you want to connect if you’ve never met this person.

Joining a group is another great way to build your network. Search for relevant topics to your industry within the platform and ask to join any group that you believe would be beneficial. Within these groups, you’ll be able to have conversations with other users with the same interests as you. From there, you can even directly connect with them via your personal profile.


Optimize Your Profile

One of the most important aspects of networking on LinkedIn is to make sure your profile can be found. Your profile needs to be fully set up and have all areas completed. Start with your headline. This is the first section visitors will see when clicking on your profile. You want to include relevant keywords here as well as in your summary and experience sections. Include all relevant skills on your page as well. And last but not least, make sure you have a professional headshot.


Use and Follow Hashtags

Similar to Instagram, LinkedIn gives users the ability to follow hashtags and use them to search for content. A hashtag will pull up all content from people and brands talking about a topic. This is a simple way for other users to discover your posts and potentially build a relationship. Be cautious about how many hashtags you use. Too many can deter users from reading your updates, and it may appear spammy.

Utilizing LinkedIn is a great way to develop authority in your industry and build lasting, professional relationships. Remember to stay active on your channel. Growing a useful network takes time and strategic effort.


microphoneMore than 300 million companies have profiles on LinkedIn.

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