In The News: LinkedIn Introduces a Stories Product, Facebook Trains AI for 3D Photos, and Pinterest Launches a New App

Feb 2020

spectators sitting in the cinema and watching movie with cups of cola and popcornSocial media platforms are making user experience more accessible and exciting than ever before. Read on to find out if these updates worth the hype. In the news this week, LinkedIn introduces a stories product like snapchat, Facebook trains their artificial intelligence technology to create 3D photos, and Pinterest launches Pinterest Lite globally.


LinkedIn Introduces a Stories Product

Can you mix business and pleasure? That is what LinkedIn is trying out with the internal testing of a stories-like feature. The thought of stories coming to LinkedIn has caused alarm online, causing users to think it might cheapen the professional appeal of the platform. Pete Davies, part of Consumer Product at LinkedIn, thinks that stories feature is beneficial, and it could be a “fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever.”

Casual talking points and easing conversations is the direction that stories will have on LinkedIn. Along with breakroom talks and coffee outings, Davies is sure that bringing stories to LinkedIn will maintain a professional context and will be used to enhance interaction. With internal testing underway, the platform plans to move on to wider testing in the near future. Would you use stories on LinkedIn if it officially launched?


Facebook Trains AI for 3D Photos

In 2018, Facebook presented users with the ability to take 3D photos. Sharing special moments with the dynamic imagery of 3D images was certainly an exciting new experience. However, only users with portrait mode on their phones were able to use it. That moment ends now.

At long last, Facebook finally expanded 3D photos to millions on the platform, and they credit their success to artificial intelligence. They have trained their AI technology to turn 2D images into 3D on devices with single-lens cameras. Facebook said, “It won’t work on every smartphone, but it should work on an iPhone 7 or newer phone, or a recent mid-range or better Android device.” Give it a try the next time you log in.


Pinterest Launches a New App

The Pinterest app has users all over the country but also has many Pinners outside of the United States. The company has actively worked to make the app accessible across all devices and to Pinners around the world. Recently, they began testing Pinterest Lite for Android in several countries: Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico.

As of this week, they have officially launched Pinterest Lite globally. The app offers most of the features of the Pinterest app and takes up less space on your device. The Lite version also allows you to download more quickly in places with low-connection speeds. With everything from shopping to recipes, you will have access to it all in a smaller app.


microphone28% of all adult social media users in the United States use Pinterest

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