How to Market Your Law Firm This Holiday Season

Nov 2020

The holiday bustle seems to take us by surprise every year, even during a global pandemic. If there was ever a time that people needed holiday cheer, it’s this year! No matter the area of law your firm practices, you should be sure to spread messages of joy to your contacts and prospective clients as you also prepare for the year ahead. 

Create Personalized Holiday Messages

The pandemic has brought out a sense of “realness” in the workplace as many people work from home or adapt their schedules to care for themselves and their families. With this change in mind, your law firm should create personalized messages for your marketing content and communications with clients and prospective clients. 

Through your blogs, social media posts, email communications and other content, you should include messaging about each holiday. This season will look different for everyone as people may be unable to see their loved ones due to health and safety concerns, so be sure to be sensitive to the changes brought on by the pandemic in your messages. Also, if your hours or work schedule will change during this time, announce these adjustments in your content. 

It is always essential to focus on the pain points, wants and needs of your audiences, and at this time, they will be thinking about holiday shopping, spending time with family and friends and preparing for the year (and the potential vaccine) ahead. Holiday terms will be highly searched in the last weeks of the year, so you can capitalize on these keywords in your blogs and social media posts to provide resources and holiday-specific information for your area of practice. For example, you should share information about divorce around the holidays if you practice family law or write about how estate plans will need to change before the start of a new year. 

More than sending out general messages, make your firm stand out by sharing a more personalized approach to holiday marketing. Create a holiday card to send out via direct mail or email to former clients, current clients and prospective clients. If you are unable to decorate your office this year, you might as well “decorate” your digital marketing efforts with festive graphics and images to spread holiday cheer. 

Another way to honor the holiday season is to share information and donation links to any charitable organizations that your firm supports. In the last few years, consumers have increasingly expressed their interest in supporting organizations based on their values, and with Giving Tuesday and the rest of the donation season approaching, your law firm can stand out by sharing the organizations you value. 

Develop a Detailed Plan for 2021

In addition to sharing messages about the holiday season, you should also communicate with your clients about any changes to laws, regulations or their cases that will come into effect starting Jan. 1, 2021. The new year can seem to come quickly, but your clients should not be blindsided by modifications that they did not anticipate. 

For your firm specifically, create a marketing strategy now to carry you through the beginning of the new year. How do you want your audiences to view your firm next year? Which marketing tactics have worked well or failed this year? These are questions that can help you adapt and frame your marketing strategy. 


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