4 Strategies For Marketing Your San Diego Restaurant Amid COVID-19

Nov 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the restaurant and hospitality landscape, and those restaurants that have been unable to adapt to new approaches of promoting and marketing their business are struggling. As San Diego has entered the purple tier, which imposes the most stringent restrictions on dining establishments, it’s imperative that restaurant owners innovate new revenue streams and engagement campaigns. They also need to have a smart strategy for promoting those innovations via cheap, accessible channels like social media.  

Because indoor dining rooms have been shut down for the majority of 2020, many restaurants have become dependent on delivery and takeout. But is this really the only option? Check out four of our fun, feasible strategies for helping your San Diego restaurant drive more business with socially distant initiatives and social media marketing.


1. Sell At-Home Meal Kits.

Buying a great meal out is a treat, and the experience is hard to replace. However, you can bring your fan-favorite entrees or cocktails to your customer’s home by selling meal or cocktail kits! Consumers can craft their own restaurant-quality meals and drinks from the safety of their homes, enjoying a different family bonding or date night activity with pre-measured ingredients and a professional recipe from their favorite local joint. The best part? It’s a revenue stream that can continue to be part of your business post-COVID; meal kits don’t replicate the experience of dining in a restaurant, but offer an alternative that appeals to people in a different way.


2. Host Classes on IGTV, Instagram Live, or Facebook Live.

Another way restaurants can bring the experience of dine-out cuisine to people’s homes is through online classes. MasterClass and YouTube have supplied tutorials for any culinary knowledge level, but you can also try utilizing IGTV to host a culinary or cocktail series, or even go live on Facebook or Instagram. It’s hard to mimic the perfect restaurant dish from home, but offering simple tutorials and answering questions to guide your fans and followers during a time when they simply can’t dine out can be a fun and engaging activity.

Although it might not be an instant revenue stream, it can play an important role in protecting your brand by continuing to offer fans a connection from home.


3. Share Recipes for Fan Favorite Entrees and Cocktails.

What’s that one recipe people always ask for? Whether your menu items are continually changing or have been passed down for generations, it’s okay to release a recipe to your fans and followers at a time like this. Whether you’re a big brand with a cult following or a small, killer local foodie spot,  you can remind people that sharing is caring by releasing the details on that one special dish. People will be excited to enjoy it when they can return to your restaurant but can try their hand at it at home in the meantime. This is a fun way to boost excitement and keep people engaged while your in-house dining experience is closed. It also makes a great addition to your Pinterest board!


4. Freshen Up Your Social Media Content and Ads.

With so many of us bored at home, people are spending more time scrolling through social media than they would have otherwise. Be sure to know the right channels for your business and how to create high-quality visual content from home. Consider using promoted posts and ads to reach new audiences, and employ interactive content tools or include promo codes for locals.


How to Link to Your Website From Instagram71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

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