How to Market Your Business on Social Media the ‘Vegas Smart’ Way

Jun 2020


With the recent reopening of the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has launched a new ad campaign, “Vegas Smart,” to audiences across the country. A nod to “Vegas Strong,” which became the powerful hometown motto after the mass shooting in 2017, this campaign aims to encourage visitors to enjoy the Las Vegas of a new era. The 30-second commercial ends with a uniquely Vegas call to action: “Welcome Back, Have Fun, Be Smart.”  While this commercial is geared toward Strip visitors, it is one Las Vegas businesses – from restaurants to clubs, large or small – can convey through their own social media marketing when reopening to the public. 

Welcome Back

How will your business welcome your customers through social media? Appropriate messaging and tone is important, so visitors will feel comfortable and safe when visiting your establishment again.  Welcome guests as friends, and choose wording that makes them feel at ease. Make sure they understand that you care about their safety, and communicate any new protocols you have in place. This is also an important, maybe even necessary, time to extend a promotional offer to entice visitors to come in.

Have Fun

Las Vegas is a fun town, and your company should join the party. Keep social media posts and imagery positive whenever possible. Try posting behind the scenes footage at your business, take new images of customers enjoying themselves, and remain upbeat in your messaging. Your customers have been social distancing since March, they’re ready to enjoy some time out of the house and want to know where to find it. Maybe you’ve innovated some new offerings during your down time? Now’s the time to run a campaign to spread the word.

Be Smart

Safety is the most important consideration when reopening your business; make sure your customers know you’re putting their safety first. Showing that proper safety and sanitization methods are in place through imagery and video on social media, as well as detailing your safety protocols in writing, gives customers peace of mind before they even set foot in the door.

Most importantly, the “Vegas Smart” approach only works when a customer’s experience is consistent with your marketing, and implementing an effective plan can be challenging. Enlisting the help of a Las Vegas digital marketing agency can streamline the process and help you put the right pieces in place as you transition your business and open your doors.


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