How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Apr 2021

If you’re on LinkedIn, you know that the social platform is used by business professionals looking to expand their professional network. But did you know that LinkedIn has been named the most trusted social media platform for the last few years? 


Since users trust the platform, they will be more willing to trust people that are utilizing the platform correctly. If you own a business there are a few things you can do from your personal LinkedIn profile to stand out and direct users to your company’s page. 

Post Often

The first thing you can do to help you grow connections on LinkedIn is post quality content frequently. Make sure to create different content to post on your personal page and share anything that was posted to your company’s page. When you share the content from your company’s LinkedIn page, it will help to bring more awareness to that page and hopefully grow your company’s following – growing the company’s following will help to increase brand credibility. Another way to show up in your network’s feed is by sharing content that was posted by others outside of your network. This will also help you to find users with similar interests and request to connect with them. If you come across a blog post, or a video that resonates with you, it’s a good opportunity for you to share this information with your network. After you share the individual’s content, they will be more likely to accept a request to connect with you because they see that you are willing to engage with their posts. 

Send Personalized Notes

When you decide to ask a user to join your personal LinkedIn network, it’s probably because you noticed that you both have similar interests or you work in the same industry. When you ask the user to connect, you should always include a note that gives them a little more information and explain why you would like to join their network. If you recently shared a post that they created, include this in the message. You can let them know why the post resonated with you and a similar point of view that you both have. Be sure to never promote your business in these notes; the user will see right through these kinds of messages and they’ll be less likely to connect with you. Instead, show the user why you are interested in their work life and the content they post. Whether you’ve already met this person and you are giving a brief reminder of how you met, or you are requesting to connect with a complete stranger, adding a note will provide some clarity to the recipient. 

Join Groups

Take some time to look for some different LinkedIn groups that are specific to the industry you are in. Join groups that you feel would discuss topics that would be of interest to your company’s target audience or overall goals. Make sure you are engaging in group conversations, and start paying attention to who else is an active member of the group. If you feel that an individual has similar interests or work experience and they would be a good user to connect with, reach out to them individually with a note and a request to connect. Joining groups will help you find individuals that are engaged on the platform and will be interested in liking, commenting, or even sharing your content – which will help you expand your reach even further. 


LinkedIn connections aren’t easy to grow, but if you take some time to post content frequently, write out personalized messages when you request to connect with others, and join groups you’ll be more likely to find users that will be quality people to connect with. Your personal LinkedIn profile can help your business gain more leads if you are using the social platform to its full potential. 


55 million companies are on LinkedIn

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