Google Text Ads: How to Create Compelling Copy

Apr 2021

Google Search on Mobile PhoneA text ad on a Google search is one of the simplest ways to reach potential customers. There are a few different components that make up a text ad on Google. When used effectively, these ads can drive traffic to your website, bring awareness to your company’s unique value propositions, and encourage conversions. 


Google Text Ads Headline

The headline of your ad is usually what grabs users’ attention first. It’s the blue text at the top of the ad. This text is made up of 3 headline fields, each of which has a 30 character limit. The first 2 headline fields are required and the last one is optional. The first headline field will typically be your company’s name. 


The second and third headline field is an opportunity to showcase unique offers and call to actions. Unique sales propositions can include sales offers, free trials,  free returns, or warranties. Choose one of these to highlight your headline. The 3rd headline field is usually reserved for a call to action, such as “shop now”, “sign up for your free trial”, or “get a quote today”.


It’s important to include at least 1 of your keywords in your headline in order to show ad relevance to what users are searching for.


google search



Your description is made up of 2 fields, each with a 90 character limit. Your descriptions let you elaborate on the details of what makes your products or services unique.  This is similar to the unique sales proposition discussed above; however, the longer character limit allows you to give more detailed information. Some more examples: mentioning free shipping, 2-day delivery, including specific pricing, or letting users know that this is a limited-time offer. Lastly, encourage users to take action by using a call to action, especially if it was not included in your headline. 



The URL that you use in your ad will give users an idea of where you are taking them. It’s important to be as transparent as possible and keep the URL simple and straightforward. Simplify your path text if needed. This link should take the user to a landing page that clearly relates to the promotion in your ad. If the landing page is confusing or doesn’t relate to your ad, people are likely to leave the page immediately. For best results, keep your campaign as consistent as possible, from your ad to landing page.




Google drives 95% of paid search ad clicks on mobile.

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