How to Generate Quality Leads on LinkedIn

Feb 2022

LinkedIn + Lead Generation How to Generate Quality Leads on LinkedIn

Lead generation refers to all of the activities and strategies a business uses to drive potential customers to their business offering. Without lead generation, businesses will have a difficult time attracting new customers and creating sales. However, given that LinkedIn is the top paid and organic social channel for B2B, it is crucial for businesses to meet their prospects where they are. LinkedIn’s audience makeup consists of business professionals with purchasing power, so why not turn those potential customers into paying customers? Let’s look at a baseline strategy for generating leads on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Pages 

The first step towards generating leads is to be intentional, which is done through your company’s LinkedIn page. You should focus on the header image and company description. The header image is a great way to attract those interested in learning more about the business. This initial attraction is supposed to keep the user wanting to read more, which brings in the next factor: company description. On Linkedin, the first two lines of a company description are shown before users must click see more, making the explanation unprofitable if it is not grabbing their attention quickly. These sentences should be directed towards your target audience, identifying the audience, value proposition, and service or product offered. 


Quality Content 

To ensure the quality of your LinkedIn page, it is important to post various and relevant content types. The relevancy of the content will help position your business as a valuable source where professionals that fit within the targeted audience will begin to connect. Consistency is another factor to consider.  The more often your content appears on a prospective customer’s feed, the more likely it is for there to be an easier initiation of conversation. It is also beneficial to check your page’s analytics to see what content is resonating with people (and what is not) for the sole purpose of generating leads


Groups and Connections 

When it comes to looking for people, an effective sourcing approach can be done through LinkedIn’s groups. When you refine your search using a group, it will be advantageous to use groups that are active, of high relevance, and medium size. The relevancy aspect comes from the group being within the targeted audience; looking for active users will weed out those that may not be interested.  Medium size groups are preferable because you do not want your information to get lost within a huge group and end up receiving no recognition. As your business joins groups, you may see the opportunity to form one. This will create even more power and recognition within the industry, ultimately moving closer to the goal of generating the most leads possible. 


Baseline For B2B Sale   

LinkedIn is an effective platform that offers a lot of opportunities for B2B marketing such as lead generation. Without proper guidance, it can become a clouded social network that is not benefitting your business’ needs. The baseline strategy above will be a great start for attracting your ideal customers. Try implementing intentional messages on your LinkedIn page, creating relevant content, and conducting some group searches – you’ll be on your way to bringing in new prospects!


Companies with a complete, active LinkedIn page see 5x more page views, which can lead to 5x more in lead generation. 

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