What are The Different Types of Public Relations?

Feb 2022

Public relations is a great way to cultivate relationships with media, industry partners, and even those inside your own organizations. When first thinking about public relations, you probably envision talking to a reporter or sending out a press release. Although these are both components of PR work, there are several other key ways public relations can fit into your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look.

Media Outreach

Reporters, bloggers, podcasters, and even influencers are a large part of the media relations portion of PR. Building relationships with these individuals can work to your advantage in many ways. Perhaps you need to drive attention to an event or initiative. Maybe you’re looking for new ways to talk about your products or services. More importantly, maybe you’re focusing on establishing yourself and your company as the leader in your industry. All of these are great reasons to develop relationships with media people – doing so can result in earned media, like interviews and features. These folks are always looking for a compelling story and positive exposure is a win-win for both of you.

Community Relations

Although features and interviews are important, talking to your audience directly can be even more effective. This community relations segment of PR encompasses things like company blogs, social media channels, and even newsletters. Unlike traditional marketing pieces, these assets are used to make announcements, share company news, and get feedback from your community. For example, say you’ve just launched a new service and want to gain insight from consumers. Using direct communication like social media allows you to share your launch while also gaining feedback instantly from those most likely to purchase from you. Not only does your company get more exposure, but you also build better relationships with your customers.

Crisis Communication

One of the most timely aspects of public relations is crisis communication. In the last several years, we’ve seen many companies go through this process as businesses have opened and closed during the pandemic. But crisis communication doesn’t always have to feel like a band-aid, used after something bad has happened. Effective crisis communication occurs before something major occurs. Having things like statements and drafted press releases on deck can help you stay ahead of the curve and more quickly share the right message to both partners and the media.

No matter what type of PR communication you are sending out, it’s crucial that all of your efforts support the overall goal and message of your company. Your communication should convey your business objectives and priorities and clearly explain your stance and purpose for sharing your message.

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