How to Create Standard Events to Explode Sales

Jan 2018

Being able to track your social media success is one of the most important parts of online marketing that is often overlooked. If a portion of your marketing budget, big or small, is going towards Facebook ads, you’ll need to track the ROI of these ads to know if your efforts are truly successful. By creating standards events within Facebook, you can establish various goals, set values for your conversions, and maintain a report of all sales from Facebook.


For every business, a “conversion” or lead will mean something different. Set your goals first to determine what you would like to be tracking with your Facebook ads. Facebook’s standard events include 9 options that can be tracked through a Facebook Pixel.


Below are Facebook’s 9 standard events:


  • View Content – When a user lands on your product or landing page.
  • Search – When a search is made.
  • Add to Cart – When a product is added to the shopping cart.
  • Add to Wishlist – When a product is added to a wishlist.
  • Initiate Checkout – When a person enters the checkout flow prior to completing the checkout flow.
  • Add payment info – When a payment information is added in the checkout flow.
  • Purchase – When a purchase is made or checkout flow is completed, e.g. landing on thank you/confirmation page.
  • Lead – When a sign up is completed.
  • Complete Registration – When a registration form is completed.


Each standard event has its own code that you will need to install on your company’s site. The codes will differ for every industry. For example, if you are running an e-commerce site, you may want to install the “Add to Wishlist” code to track your company’s most popular products, and the “Purchase” code to track sales. If your company works off appointments or clients, install the “Lead” code to track incoming lead form submissions. Once the code is installed you can tell Facebook what the price value of each conversion is worth, so you can better track the ROI of your various ads.


After someone clicks on your Facebook advertisement, they will have a window of time, determined by you, to complete the event. By installing the pixel codes that are valuable to you and your company before you begin Facebook advertising, you will always be able to track when a sale or conversion is made, so there will never be confusion on what works, and what doesn’t. Determine what is valuable to you, and track your overall success in the Facebook Pixel tab of Facebook Ads Manager. Once you know what really works, increase your ad budget and scale for even greater success!


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