How to Create a Successful Ad Campaign for Your Las Vegas Business

Sep 2020

As a Las Vegas business owner, you’re constantly looking for new ways to reach your local customers. Whether you focus on products or services, social media marketing can help deliver your message in a captivating way. Here are tips that can help you craft the perfect ad and make your campaigns more effective.

Tell a Story in Your Ads

Great advertising is all about telling your brand’s story. As you’re working to attract locals to your business, craft a message that leverages things they care about. Maybe it’s opening day at Allegiant Stadium or a game-winning night for the Golden Knights. These events can help capture your audiences’ attention and help them see that you also care about their city. This will help reveal who your brand truly is and why these locals should care about your business.

Some ideas could be showcasing the faces behind your business. Others could be your products or services in action in iconic Las Vegas locations. Consider even crafting a video introducing yourself and why Las Vegas locals matter to you. Even if you’re running a discount or giveaway, the key to creating a great ad is to ensure it speaks to your audience.

Create a Killer Landing Page

Your landing page is the main destination of your digital marketing campaign. Here you are convincing your Las Vegas customers to fill out a form, purchase a product, or learn more about your brand. So how do you ensure your landing page truly converts these local visitors into leads?

Start by making sure your message is clear and matches the ad local users are clicking on. Everything on your landing page, from the imagery to the copy, should be created specifically for your Las Vegas audience. Whether it’s showing the valley views or quotes from prominent locals, it’s important to focus on what intrigues them and what holds their attention. You can do this through statistics, questions, and describing users’ biggest pain points. Don’t forget to make your call to action extremely clear and prominent so locals know what you want them to do on that landing page.

Show, Not Tell, Your Message

Photos and videos play a major role in communicating your brand’s message through ads. Telling people your offer through text isn’t enough. With your ads, you want to use photos and videos to connect with Las Vegas visitors and then encourage them to take action. The best way to do this is by using captivating imagery. As mentioned above, telling your brand’s story is imperative to connecting with potential Las Vegas customers. Most of the time, stock images just won’t make the cut. Instead, use something more personal. Maybe it’s a photo or video showing your customers’ pain points and how your business can be their local solution. Maybe it’s images of your staff in action packing lunches at Three Square or holding a fundraiser on Fremont Street for displaced locals. There are infinite ways you can creatively show, not tell, your message. The more outside of the box you think, the more likely you are to stand out in the crowd.

A successful ad campaign depends on both the journey and the destination. No matter what your business goal is, it’s important to craft a custom message for your Las Vegas audience and ensure all of the elements of your campaign flow together and tell your story.

megaphone27% of internet users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads.

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