How to Communicate Your Orange County Business’s Safety and Opening Protocols to Customers

Jun 2020

Many businesses in Orange County, CA were recently given the OK to reopen their doors as long as they adhere to the guidelines provided by the CDC and local officials. Different industries have unique instructions on what is and is not permitted during this time.


As you research and implement these safety and opening protocols, you must find ways to effectively communicate these to your customers so that they will feel confident in supporting you and your business. We’ve gathered some ways you can keep your audience informed: 


Send out a Newsletter

Do you have an email list of your customers? Newsletters provide businesses with the ability to easily share information, including promotions, contests, and new products and services. During this transition, you can utilize your newsletter to provide updates on your safety protocols and resources for your customers. A successful newsletter can help inform your customers while also spreading brand awareness and keeping your business top of mind in a time when your audience is dealing with a lot of change. 


Post Updates on Social Media

Our community continues to rely on digital marketing tools to share new updates on COVID-19. If you haven’t already, consider utilizing social media as a means of communicating with customers. You can share updates on your newly implemented safety measures, remind customers of current protocols, and provide resources for other businesses in your industry as well. Consider using the live broadcast tools on Facebook and Instagram to walk your fans through the changes you have made to your business. And, encourage your customers to post on social media when they visit your business – seeing posts from customers that have safely returned to using your services will encourage others to do so.


Keep Messages Consistent & Positive

During these times of uncertainty, it is important to be mindful of the messages you share on behalf of your business. When in doubt, it is always best to stay positive, encouraging, and focus on moving forward together as a community. Orange County businesses and community members must work together to navigate through this awkward situation, for it is new for all of us. You also want your communications to be consistent and reliable. Don’t announce a reopening date until you’re certain. Don’t speculate on protocols that may need to be in place – only share once you have a solid plan.


Does your Orange County business need help developing an effective marketing strategy during this transition?

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