How to Amplify Your Beauty Brand’s Loyalty Program Online

Oct 2020

Beauty brands depend on their audience and loyal customers to be successful. One way to connect and keep your audience coming back for more is to implement a loyalty program. Rewarding your customers for their business keeps them satisfied and improves customer retention. Your loyalty program should appear desirable and enticing to your entire audience.


If you’re unsure about how effective your beauty brand’s efforts are, a free consultation may help your business improve your digital marketing. Below, you can discover our best tips to amplify your loyalty program online.

Switch Up Offers

To create a lasting and intriguing relationship with your audience, your business should offer different deals to keep customers engaged. The more enticing and limited a deal is, the more a customer will feel a sense of urgency to make a purchase and keep you in mind. Avoid dragging on sales or discounts in your program, as it may lessen the value of being a member. By switching up your offers, loyal customers will bite when the right deal comes along.

Send Email Updates

This marketing tactic is a great way to serve updates about your business and is effective for relaying information. Even if they are not part of the program, your audience should be aware of the benefits of joining. Segment your program’s audience into an email list that gives insight about upcoming products, sneak peeks of new items, or create special content only available to loyal fans. Creating exclusivity can provide value that goes beyond a sale.

Make Social Announcements

Consider making announcements on social media platforms. Amplify the benefits of your loyalty program right where the community centered around your brand thrives. This not only helps with engagement from loyal fans, but it also creates awareness for current and new audiences. Whether you offer a new member discount or free shipping on their first order, your customer base should be aware of the value of joining your loyalty program.


megaphone91% of consumers are more likely to shop from brands who recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.

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