How Blogging Can Support Your Las Vegas Business

Oct 2020

Blogging is a powerful tool Las Vegas businesses in any industry can incorporate into their digital marketing strategy. Whether your focus is on bars and entertainment in DTLV or you’re a mom and pop restaurant in Centennial Hills, adding blogs to your website can help you reach more locals, create new customers, and showcase your expertise.

Optimize Your Blog

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a big part of getting your blogs to the top of Google searches. To improve your blog’s SEO performance, you want to include relevant keywords locals are searching for. Keywords are terms that users are looking for on major search engines. Examples of these include top bars in DTLV, best places to eat in Summerlin, restaurant discounts for Las Vegas locals, etc. By including these popular words or phrases in your blog posts and regularly adding new blogs to your site, search engines are more likely to push your blogs to the top of the search results. When optimized correctly, blogs help search engines find your site easier and present your content to more internet users – thus bringing you more leads. 

Become an Industry Expert

Blogging is a great tool to help build trust and clout with Las Vegas locals and other professionals in your industry. In order to write the best blog for your business, it’s important to focus on quality content. Give your reader valuable information about your industry, the city, or even how you’re involved in the Las Vegas community. If your focus is on food and beverage, your blog should contain news on awards you’ve received for your business, any community events you’ve hosted, and background on the faces behind your brand. It’s also important to include industry news and showcase you are constantly in the know of new trends and developments.

Share Your Content

One of the most important aspects of using your blog to support your business is sharing your content. Whether you post once a week or once a month, be sure to share your content on multiple channels. These include top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as inside e-newsletters and on industry partner sites. The more your content is shared, the more powerful your voice becomes. 

Encourage others in the community to share your content as well. One simple way to do this is to include locals in your content. Utilizing images and videos of customers using your products or services in your blogs is a great way to get the whole community involved in your brand. And since people love to see their own features, most of your customers will automatically want to share your blog post on their own social channels.

There are many reasons your business should have a blog. Done correctly, blogging will increase exposure with your local audience and help establish your business in the Las Vegas community. Be sure to create a schedule of how often you will post and exactly what content you’d like to include on your blog. This way, your audience can anticipate when to tune into your site and look forward to your new posts.

megaphone80% of businesses using blogs as a part of their marketing strategy acquire customers through their blogging efforts.

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