How Social Media Apps are Supporting Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ Community

Jun 2021

kwsm-How-Social-Media-Apps-Support-Pride-MonthJune isn’t just the start of summer, it is also the start of the month-long celebration known as Pride Month. During this month, businesses and individuals alike celebrate the progress that has been paved by LGBTQIA+ community. It is a time to remember and recognize the painful past that the community has endured, but it’s also a celebration of love and acceptance.

Businesses all over the world show their support by adding a rainbow element to their corporate logo. However, some businesses, like social media apps, are going a step further and taking a stand by showcasing inclusivity and creating special features. Here are a few examples of how social media apps support Pride Month.

Pinterest Allows Pinner Pronouns

You might not expect to find Pride support on Pinterest. However, the social media platform shared that “every year, people increasingly come to Pinterest to show their Pride…” Pinterest notes that their data shows more and more Pinners searching for LGBTQ+ flags. Knowing this, Pinterest has decided to implement a pronoun feature so users have the ability to express and identify themselves. Additionally, Pinterest has implemented a campaign called Show Your True Colors, which seeks to inspire creators and Pinners across all subjects.

Instagram Implements Pride Month Hashtags

Instagram is a social media app that amplifies user identity. So for Pride Month, Instagram partnered with LGBTQ+ creators to add inclusive stickers to their library. These illustrations include stickers for those who are gender non-conforming, asexual, transgender, and gender-fluid. A not-so-new but very popular feature they’ve brought back to the app are the rainbow colored hashtags, which they’ve identified through a partnership with GLAAD. Through research, partnerships, and visuals Instagram openly showcases its efforts to support LGBTQ+ users. 

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Facebook Spotlights LGBTQ+ Businesses

Facebook is supporting LGBTQ+ small businesses and business owners for Pride Month. These businesses can be found in the app and are a chance for all users to search for items from LGBT-owned businesses. Facebook will be the hub for a networking opportunity to support these small businesses. 

“In the US, you can tune into an event on June 23 offering live networking and training resources for LGBTQ+-owned small businesses, in partnership with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).” Source: Facebook Newsroom

Supporting the community is important, but Facebook is leveraging their social platform to help LGBT-owned small business owners who don’t have the opportunity or resources to grow. Instead of donning a rainbow for June, social media apps like the ones above are providing opportunities for their users to express themselves and live their truth!


megaphone68% of US adults report that they are Facebook users; Facebook is the most widely used social media platform.

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