3 Common Lead Generation Mistakes

Jun 2021

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that many businesses use to connect with their customers. This strategy is focused on moving prospective customers through the sales funnel to ultimately make a purchase. Although this can be a very powerful marketing strategy, many businesses don’t achieve ideal results. Here are the most common mistakes businesses make in their lead generation strategy—mistakes that cause low performance.

No Lead Generation Follow Up

All effective lead generation strategies include multiple touchpoints with your customers. Unfortunately, some businesses fail to follow up altogether. As a result, they see a small number of returning visitors to their site, and little to no digital interaction with their business. Whether this is a follow-up email, social post, or ad, it’s important to help your prospects move all the way through the funnel. Continuous communication is key to keeping your business top of mind and creating a lasting relationship with your customers.

Undefined Ideal Customer

Even the greatest content in the world won’t get results if it’s sent to the wrong person. Understanding who your ideal customer is will dramatically help increase the results from your lead generation strategy. Your goal is to find people who have the money and desire to purchase your product or service. Sending emails to uninterested prospects will likely result in low to no purchases. Sharing ads with people who aren’t ready to make a purchase will cost you more in the long run. Identify your ideal audience and include their pain points in your marketing strategy. This will help increase their chances of making a purchase or contacting you.

Missing Call to Actions

One of the most important aspects of any marketing piece is the call to action. For lead generation strategies specifically, the call should be to make a purchase or request time with your business. It’s easy to get caught up in clever writing and a captivating image and forget the true purpose of your ad, email or social post. If your customers are confused about the action item you want them to take, they won’t act. And you will have wasted your time and potentially your ad budget. This also applies to using too many calls to action. If you’re asking customers to download an ebook, comment, and watch your video, they will likely be too overwhelmed to do anything. The best marketing pieces in lead generation plans have one clear call to action, with copy and images that support that one action.

To create a successful lead generation strategy for your business, you must ensure your message is clear and that you consistently nurture your online leads. Following these three guidelines will help you get the best results for your efforts.

megaphone61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge

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