How Often Should My Small Business Blog?

Jun 2021

Blogs are a large part of many small business owners’ marketing plans. Blogging helps businesses speak directly to their audience. Although many companies enjoy the idea of regular blogging, they don’t know how often they should be posting to their site. Is it once a day? It is once a week? The answer can be different for each business. Finding the right cadence for your small business can help increase the benefits of this long-form content. Here’s how to determine what is right for you.

Posting Cadence

Blogs are a great way to help attract new clients by answering frequently asked questions and providing solutions to their challenges. In order to keep audiences engaged, you want to regularly post each week on the same day or days. The general recommendation is to post at least once a week at the same time. However, other small business owners have found success with posting two to four times per week as well. Unfortunately, that may not be achievable for all companies. Your bandwidth and who is in charge of blog writing will help you determine whether one day or multiple days is best for you.

Start small with one blog per week and see if you can work up to your goal of multiple publications. If you find that your team is unable to meet this schedule, posting more than one blog weekly may not be ideal for your business. Although cadence is important, consistency matters more. Regularly posting blogs on the same day at the same time is an ideal way to stay connected with your audience. 

Small Business Benefits of Proper Blogging

There are many benefits associated with blogging. If you post consistently and follow a blogging checklist you will see positive results, including:

  • New leads
  • Increased web traffic
  • Improved SEO ranking
  • Acknowledgment as an industry thought leader
  • Grow brand awareness

Your blogs are a great space to speak directly to your customers and provide them with resources for all of their needs. Your blogs should feature testimonials, reviews, industry and company news, employee profiles, and solutions for your audience. Incorporating these blogs into your content and email marketing strategies will help maximize the benefits of these pieces. More eyes on your blogs can result in new customers and visitors to your site as well as new opportunities to make your business a household name.

Although adding a blog to your marketing strategy is important, consistent posting is the key to getting the best results. Whatever cadence you choose for your blog, ensure that you can regularly meet those deadlines. Over time you’ll start to see the benefits of your hard work.

megaphone38% of businesses say one of their biggest challenges is creating quality blog content consistently.

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