Case Study: Optimizing Lead Generation Opportunities To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

Jun 2021

At KWSM, we create opportunities for clients to bring in new business for their brands. For one client in particular, Contour Light, we help establish the Contour Light System as the highest quality red light therapy technology on the market and spark practitioners’ interest, such as chiropractors and acupuncturists, in purchasing a system for their practice.


The Goal

The Contour Light team aims to spread awareness of the many benefits that the Contour Light System has for both practitioners and their patients. Our role is to find successful ways to convert website traffic into high-quality leads. We do this by executing a detailed digital marketing strategy. Within the strategy, we created a lead generation campaign using the marketing tactics below. 


Our Lead Generation Strategy

Landing Pages

Our lead generation campaign first starts with creating a custom landing page that we work to drive a targeted audience to in order to generate conversions. Unlike the other pages on a website, a landing page is optimized to speak to a specific target audience. It provides the opportunity to discuss the audience’s common problems and offer a solution. This page features benefits of the device, an informational video, testimonials, and a primary call to action to “Schedule a Call.” Those who fill out this information are entered into an email drip campaign that has also been created by the KWSM team. 

Email Drip Campaign

Once a visitor fills out the contact form on the landing page, they have converted into a new “lead” for Contour Light. To continue educating these leads on the power of the Contour Light System, we have implemented an email drip campaign via Mailchimp. A drip campaign is an automatic series of emails sent out to provide audiences with multiple opportunities to buy, sign up, call, or act on whatever the goal of your campaign is. The goal of a drip campaign is also to continue to educate and nurture your leads by providing them with more information. A successful email drip campaign offers a further opportunity to convert leads into new business. This email drip initiates once a user converts through our landing page or website by filling out the contact form. 

Google Ads

In order to drive the right traffic to our landing page and encourage action from high-quality leads, our team at KWSM uses Google ads. Google ads use a search network to deliver ads to people looking to make a purchase. This allows your business to have Google text ad placements on Google search engine results. For Contour Light, we use google text ads to test different campaigns based on high-intent keywords, keeping the needs and interests of our target audiences in mind. These campaigns are both brand and benefit-focused.



The Results

With our current lead generation strategy, the Contour Light landing page has received thousands of page views so far, with almost 90,000 Google ad impressions and over 400 leads in the past year. 94% of those we email have also remained subscribed. 


The Contour Light team is extremely passionate about their product and the benefits it offers to practitioners as well as their clients. It is a pleasure to collaborate with their team to help spread awareness of this revolutionary technology and bring in new business for their innovative company. 


61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge.

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