How Lawyers Can Serve Up Their Brand Story This Thanksgiving

Nov 2020

On this day of thanksgiving, we often reflect on the elements of our lives that we are grateful for and the ways that we’ve learned and grown in the last year. While it is essential to look at these areas of growth, you should also reflect on the root of your passions, such as hobbies and interests, but even more so on your work as a lawyer. 

Does your law firm have a strong brand story that shares your passion and expertise with your audience? Here are four ways to share your passion and gratitude through your brand story. 


Include a Brand Story on Your About Page 


Why did you want to practice law from the start? Is the answer to this question still at the heart of your work for each client and case? The answer to this question is essential for you to know and openly share as the heart of your brand story. This statement should encapsulate the intersection of the work you do and the purpose behind it. 

Once you have crafted this story, you should include it on the “About” page of your law firm’s website for visitors to get a better understanding of your firm and lawyers. 


Use This Language into Your Social Media Content 


You can use the language you establish for your brand story in blogs, social media, email marketing, and more. If your content is simply sharing the work and services you provide, you will likely make fewer connections and leads than if you share information and resources out of gratitude for your position and ability to help others. 

You should use your past experiences and interests to help you put deeper thought into the content that you write. Your audience is looking for your expertise, but they also want to know that you will care about their case. These personalized messages have proven successful for many of our law clients. 


Talk About Your Experience Through Video  


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how many a video is worth. It’s one thing to write about your passion, but capturing this message and the expression on your face through video shows your audience the depth of your passion. 

You can create quick video clips that are less than one minute to share on YouTube and on social media to add variety and depth to your regular content and further engage your audience. 


Share Client Testimonials That Highlight Your Level of Care 


More than taking your word for gratitude and experience, people want to hear from your clients. By asking former clients for a testimonial after a successful case, you can establish credibility and show the depth of your passion for the area of law that you practice. 

You can reach out to current and former clients via email, phone, or in-person to gather quotes or video testimonials of them sharing their appreciation for your services and care. 

By creating this brand story and unifying your firm’s messaging around your passion and gratitude, you can reap the harvest of your brand story by developing deeper connections with your clients.


How Will Removing Likes from Instagram Impact Social Media Marketing?97% of law firms have no personal content on their website. 

Our job as marketing strategists is to find and tell your firm’s story through the content we create for blogs, social media, email marketing, website copy and more. 

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