Tips for Promoting Your Holiday Events in Las Vegas

Nov 2020
promoting your holiday events
The holiday season in Las Vegas is not canceled. Many local business owners are finding new ways to host safe holiday events. In order to adhere to social distancing restrictions,  typical holiday plans have changed and businesses are turning to digital marketing tactics to assist with getting the word out about their events. Here are three ways you can promote your holiday extravaganza and ensure a positive attendance.

Sell Tickets Early

In past years, businesses have typically begun promoting their holiday events later in the season. This year, however, capacity restrictions are forcing business owners to reach out to locals sooner in order to properly prepare for their big events. Vegas Festival of Lights is one of these organizations. This event typically draws in a large crowd of locals looking to meet Santa and immerse themselves in holiday lighting displays. Capacity for this event has been limited and safety requirements have greatly increased. In order to ensure maximum attendance to the event while having enough time to install safety measures, Vegas Festival of Lights began selling tickets months ahead of time. Not only did that allow them to get an accurate number of attendees to prepare for, but it also increased the demand for their event. Locals were apt to make purchasing decisions earlier in order to ensure they can add this experience to their holiday list.  If your business is considering hosting an in-person holiday event, don’t wait until December 1 to start selling tickets. Like Vegas Festival of Lights, opening sales up earlier can help increase your revenue while giving you enough time to prep for new safety restrictions. 

Consider Virtual

Don’t postpone your holiday event. Take it online and pivot your in-person event to a virtual format. The demand for virtual events has skyrocketed in 2020. Whether your business is hosting a webinar, concert, or even a meet and greet, offering a virtual experience is a great way to keep your customers engaged. Live streaming your event will help Las Vegas locals get in the holiday spirit from the comfort of their living rooms. You can celebrate the holidays on social media by promoting or hosting your live stream on your most active channel. Your Las Vegas audience will be able to comment and chat with each other live during your event and will likely promote your event to their connections. This helps grow the exposure for your holiday event and introduces your business to new customers. 

Partner with Local Businesses

Las Vegas residents love to see local businesses partnering, especially during the holidays. Collaborating with another business is a great way to grow your audience while promoting your event as an in-demand experience. Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway has used this tactic for multiple years to offer a safe, drive-thru holiday experience. Each year, local businesses create lighting displays and proceeds from ticket sales benefit Speedway Children’s Charities. As a result, this has been one of the most popular holiday events in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years! Your business can use the same tactic to promote your holiday event. Whether you find a local charity or venue to team up with, partnerships can do wonders for promoting your event. You will have access to multiple audiences and multiple social media channels. Although the holidays feel very different this year, Las Vegas locals are looking for your business to brighten their season. Modifying your marketing strategy to sell tickets early, live stream your event, and partner with other brands can help you get the most exposure and highest attendance for your holiday events.  megaphone70% of consumers become regular customers after attending a business’ event. Are you struggling to get the best results for your marketing efforts?  Our team works as an extension of your team to carefully craft digital content that will keep your fans engaged. CONTACT US to learn more about creating an effective content marketing strategy. Brianna's signature            


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