How to Craft the Perfect Thanksgiving Digital Marketing Campaign for Your San Diego Business

Nov 2020

Every year around this time, the floodgates burst open for holiday advertising. While Thanksgiving will look a little different in San Diego and around the world in 2020, holiday marketing campaigns are still saturating every advertising medium. It can be overwhelming to think about how your business can compete in this space during such a turbulent season.

Want to create a campaign that your target audience will gobble up? You can’t cut through the Christmas clutter only by capitalizing on the best “warm fuzzies” and trends.

Here’s how to mix in some of our tried-and-true digital marketing best practices to squash the competition this Thanksgiving:


Get trendy

Capitalize on trends like Friendsgiving, Movember, and early Black Friday. 

With your blogs, social posts, email campaigns, and ads, create themed content around what’s trendy. Because themed content can easily go from clever to kitsch, it’s important that if you’re going the ironic or humorous route, you still clearly and appropriately tie seasonal trend messaging to your products or services. 

For example:

  • If you sell athletic clothes, you can create content about how to have a healthier Thanksgiving and another post on Turkey-Day exercises. 
  • If you sell fashion, health, or beauty products, jump on the No-Shave November or Movember trend. Every guy needs the right facial moisturizer, beard wax, or hipster outfit to go with their new mustache.
  • If you’re in the restaurant business, create content around prepping for the perfect Friendsgiving. Mention your meal kits, delivery, or takeout options as convenient ways for young adults to spend less time cooking and washing dishes and more time having fun together!


Give back.

Share what you’re doing to serve your community or donate a portion of your proceeds to charity.

November is the perfect time to support your community, and one way to do this is by volunteering your time or money to a cause. Organize your team for a volunteer day, a food drive for a homeless shelter, or an online giving event. While it’s more difficult this year to volunteer in person at a food bank or animal shelter, there are many socially distant and virtual ways to give back to your community. 

Finding and sharing ways to do so shows that you’re a business that cares, and many consumers are mindful of the effort businesses put into social and environmental responsibility.


Get trending.

Use Thanksgiving keywords, hashtags, and imagery. 

Whatever the Thanksgiving campaign you’re running, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the target keywords that your customers will use to search for these products in your product titles and description. When doing your keyword research, look for a high volume of monthly searches and low competition. Don’t forget about local SEO for keywords during the holiday season; many consumers are eager to find ways to support local businesses during this tumultuous time. 


Give thanks.

Show some love to your fans and followers during this season of giving.

There are enumerable ways you can say thank you to your customers while also utilizing digital marketing best-practices. 

  • Try featuring your fans’ user-generated content on your social media accounts, email newsletter, or blog. Ask them to submit a photo of themselves wearing/using/holding/eating your product, and share some of the photos throughout the week.
  • Put out interactive Instagram and Facebook stories with polls or questions to your fans and followers about how you can better serve their needs. When you get an idea from a customer for a new product or service, it’s almost like a free focus group!
  • Create a contest for a free gift or giveaway to show your appreciation. Don’t forget to use a custom hashtag and make the giveaway enticing enough to encourage shares and comments.


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