How Instagram’s New ‘Pinned Comments’ Feature Can Help You Answer FAQs

Jul 2020

While almost every business has a section on its website dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions, there is no guarantee your customers will go to your website for an answer.  In many cases, consumers look for answers on social media and when they do, it’s important to have an organized response waiting. This is why Instagram’s new ‘pinned comments’ feature is so helpful in educating customers.

Pinned Comments and FAQs

Instagram’s new feature allows users to hand-select comments they would like to appear first on a post. This can be extremely useful in educating your audience about questions pertaining to a specific post. For example, comments may arise about product details or purchase options when featuring a photo of a product. Instead of repetitive comments and responses circling around the same question, Instagram’s new ‘pinned comments’ feature allows for a single response or comment to be “pinned” on the post to highlight it for others to see. Instagram allows up to three pinned comments per post, making it a great tool for educating consumers about specific product features, purchase options, release dates, and more. 


Pinned Comments and Engagement

While this feature is excellent for highlighting product information and answering customer questions, it’s also a great opportunity to boost positive engagement from your audience. Pinning a comment from another influencer or creator helps foster a positive digital relationship and furthers possibilities of collaboration. Pinning others’ comments can also make a consumer feel personally touched by your business leading to a more favorable brand impression. Finally, pinned comments can serve as testimonials from real, current customers, showcasing to others exactly why they love your company or product. 


Permanent FAQs in Instagram Story Highlights

In addition to the new ‘pinned comments’ feature, Instagram also offers story highlights. Although Instagram Stories typically only last 24 hours, this feature allows businesses to showcase current or past stories on their Instagram profile permanently. These highlights are front and center on your profile, making for a great opportunity to educate your audience about your brand and any possible offerings. Frequently asked questions, as well as question and answer forums, work well here because they are easy for prospective consumers to find as well as very easy to edit as time goes on. 


Overall, offering helpful educational information on all platforms allows consumers to find answers easily and is a crucial piece of having a strong online presence. Understanding the new features and updates on social media platforms gives you the opportunity to maximize your online efforts and reach your audience most effectively.


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