How Do I Network My Company on LinkedIn?

Nov 2021

How Do I Network My Company on LinkedIn?In the business-to-business market, knowing the right people is imperative, but finding them is difficult. LinkedIn has many tools to help with networking yourself and your business. Tools like Advanced Search can help you find people in the area and specific job titles you target. Another useful tool is the Invite function, which allows admins to invite their connections to follow their company’s page.

LinkedIn networking is important; here’s how to grow your personal audience and, in turn, your company’s audience. 

LinkedIn Advanced Search

The first step is finding people to connect with. A targeted search is the best way to start. The easiest way to do this is to start a general search for a job title you want to target in the top search bar. Once those results come up, you can refine the search. Make sure to choose the right search parameters. You can narrow down your search by location, position, industry, or other characteristics that help you reach your targeted audience. 

When connecting with each person, add a note why you want to connect with them and a little about who you are. This improves the chance that they will accept your request and it starts a conversation. 

Using LinkedIn search effectively can help you find leads for your company. Be careful if you do not have a paid LinkedIn account to space out your searches. LinkedIn limits the number of advanced searches per month. Searches per month are based on your activity and type of searches, especially those outside of your network. There are a few ways to work around those limits. Read this article to learn more.

Company Page Invites

As you grow your personal connections, you will then start inviting them to follow your company’s page. LinkedIn makes this easy with Company Page Invites. This allows any admin to invite their connections to follow their company’s LinkedIn page. This is a great way to grow your businesses with the right people. 

When using page invites, keep in mind that it’s based on a credit system. As of April 26th 2022, LinkedIn has increased each admins 100 credits to 250 credits a month to use. Each credit allows you to invite one connection to your page. If the person accepts the invite, you get that credit back for that month. These credits expire at the end of the month, so use them or lose them. 

Is LinkedIn Marketing Right For You?

If you work in a business-to-business industry, then marketing on LinkedIn is a great way to build valuable networks and expand your business. By using the tools LinkedIn gives you, your next lead is likely a connection away. 

Growing your audience on LinkedIn is part of a great social media strategy. Talk to KWSM to schedule a social media audit – including LinkedIn – for your organization. 

megaphoneThere are currently 810 million people on LinkedIn. Are you connecting with the right people?

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