How Digital Marketing Is Helping Law Firms Succeed

Jun 2020

“We tried traditional marketing tactics such as print with little to no success and decided to invest our resources into digital marketing strategies. The investment has proved to be a much better source for new clients.” – Smith & Eulo Law Firm


The world of marketing is ever-evolving. As time moves forward, so do the methods of communicating and connecting with potential clients. Just like it’s crucial to be an expert on tax laws, if you’re a Tax Attorney, it’s imperative to understand marketing roadblocks and how to get around them to achieve success.  That’s why we love marketing for attorneys.  

Over the years, we’ve heard frustration from attorneys trying to gain leads by using traditional marketing tactics like lunch meetings with potential industry connections. Not only can these gatherings be pricey but also time-consuming. Tax lawyer Bruce Givner of KFB Law Group calls the experience a disaster.

 Bruce says, “A public relations professional specialized in setting up lunches for his clients with appropriate people. So I had him set up lunches for me with seemingly appropriate CPAs.  That went on for months and included about 20 CPA firms. It was a disaster.  I am terrible at small talk.  A waste of money ($250 per lunch to the PR professional, plus picking up the tab for lunch) and time (driving to and from the restaurant and the 1.5 to 2 hours for the lunch itself, along with the followup letters and phone calls).  I just wasn’t terribly likable in one-on-one situations.”

Bruce found success publishing articles and blogs people could connect with. He didn’t replace his in-person approach; he modified it and used it to complement his digital marketing activity. He gave speeches in front of professional groups, and he says promptly answering the phones, and returning emails helped tremendously. 

Smith & Eulo Law Firm credits the use of Google ads, SEO, and social media with establishing a better brand in their local community. “These strategies have gained our firm far more clients than traditional marketing, and at a fraction of the price.” 

Law Firms like Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team also see the power of SEO. “The best source for new clients now comes from the internet, mostly through organic traffic.”

While having the right tools in place is a big piece of the marketing puzzle, it’s also important to have a team that understands how to create relationships with clients and prospects. Someone looking for representation is looking to connect through great content, authentic social media, and a compelling website. “Law Firms are finally starting to figure out that they shouldn’t talk about themselves all the time in their marketing efforts,” said the Marketing Officer for Fennemore Craig Attorneys. “Instead, the focus needs to be on how attorneys can help their clients. They should be viewed as strategic partners that will help their clients to reach their desired outcomes.”

Does your law firm need help in developing an effective marketing strategy?

KWSM is a team of brand journalists who ensure your law firm marketing presence accurately tells the story of your practice and delivers the results you desire. If you’re looking for an Orange County digital marketing agency, Atlanta digital marketing agency, Las Vegas digital marketing agency, or San Diego digital marketing agency with great experience marketing attorneys, check out how we can help your business grow.  

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