Five Things to Know About KWSM Social Media Bootcamp Webinars

Jun 2020

Five Things to Know About KWSM Social Media Bootcamp WebinarsKWSM Social Media Bootcamp is back this August, and this time it’s virtual. Historically, our Bootcamps are a 4-week learning opportunity for business owners or marketing managers to deepen their understanding of popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This August, our best and brightest KWSM digital marketing experts will be guiding you through these courses via Zoom. Are you ready to hone in your skills and start building a strong social media presence? Here are five things to know about our Social Media Bootcamp webinars

1. Prepare to Take Notes

During our Bootcamp webinars, you will be learning a lot of information that can help support your business goals. Like any typical class, it’s a good idea to take notes. Have a notebook, pen or pencil available and of course your laptop. Since these will be hosted virtually, it may be difficult to take notes on your computer while listening to the speaker. Make sure you have additional options available and keep your notes in a place where you can easily find them at a later time. Chances are, you will be referencing these after the sessions when you’re building your social media strategy.

2. Join Our Facebook Group

One of the greatest tools we provide to all participants in our Bootcamps is access to our Social Media Help Desk Facebook Group. In the private group, participants have the opportunity to ask a variety of questions from instructors and fellow business owners. We also regularly post helpful articles and tips to continue supporting your marketing journey.

3. Do Your Homework

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The best way to use the new skills you’ve learned during Bootcamp is to apply them to your own social channels. Even if you don’t have any social media set up prior to coming to class, we can walk you through setting it up. Then, you can work on building out your channels using the tips and tools we talk about in our webinars. If you do have your channels already set up, feel free to follow along during the courses. We’ll even send you slides from the presentation to reference after class is over. 

4. Invest in All Four Classes

Although it’s not required, we highly recommend investing in all of the social media webinars in our Bootcamp. Even if you’re already familiar with some social channels, our sessions can still give you new insight or tips on how to make your social media strategy stronger. However, you do have the option to select individual classes to learn about specific channels you are interested in. 

5. Ask a Lot of Questions

While in class, we highly recommend asking as many questions as possible. Think of our Bootcamps as a private learning experience where no question is a bad question. As you are going through the webinars, write your questions down so you can ask them during or after the lessons. As you review your notes after the courses, don’t forget to write down the questions that come up. Feel free to ask these questions in the Facebook Group and at the next webinar.

KWSM Social Media Bootcamp webinars are a great opportunity to grow your current digital skills and learn about new platforms that could support your business goals. Even if you are already familiar with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you can still learn something new at Bootcamp. Still have more questions about our Social Media Bootcamp webinars? Check out our frequently asked questions.


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