How Can SEO Save Marketing Costs?

Jun 2023

We understand that running a business is expensive, and many companies don’t have large marketing budgets to work with. But even small businesses can have a thriving marketing strategy when investing strategically. The digital landscape allows you to create a marketing strategy that is more targeted and less expensive than traditional print and media marketing, saving your business money. And one of the most important areas to consider investing is in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A well-crafted SEO strategy is the lynchpin of an effective digital marketing strategy. At KWSM, we have helped clients achieve high-ranking digital content for almost 15 years. As a copywriter who uses SEO best practices in my daily client work, I’ve seen firsthand how clients can grow their online presence through the strategic use of search engine optimization while keeping costs down. Below are a few ways SEO can streamline your marketing strategy and save your business money.

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Three Ways SEO Saves on Marketing Costs

If you are budget-conscious about your marketing plan, creating an SEO strategy is the best starting point. SEO can save your business money both in the short and long term when implemented properly to achieve targeted search results, organic leads, and a favorable return on investment.

1. Targeted Search Results

In the past, marketing tactics required that you put your ad out to the world and hope that the right people found it. This often meant broad, expensive marketing campaigns in newspapers, on the radio, on television, or anywhere else where you might reach the general public.

With SEO, you save money by only targeting the people who are looking for services like yours. In digital marketing, we call this ‘intent.’ When you have an effective SEO strategy in place for your business, you rank higher in search traffic, and people who have intent to purchase related services are more likely to come across your website or ad in their search engines and click on your link.

2. Organic Leads

An effective SEO strategy drives people to your website without the need to pay for digital ads. This inbound lead flow is achieved primarily by updating your site through frequent blogging. If your website is fully optimized for search, you can gain high-quality leads from people who are searching for information online, find your blog posts, and land on your website. Your SEO lets your customers find you as the source of the information they are looking for. This inbound traffic approach saves the costs involved in reaching out to your potential customers through broad outbound advertising campaigns.

3. Return on Investment

SEO can show a high return on investment compared to other marketing strategies, with 49% of marketers saying that organic search has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. While SEO is a long-term tactic, and takes time to get impactful results, it builds traction for your business over time and allows you to keep getting results that continue to grow as your SEO strategy matures. And, the results are measurable and easy to quantify. You can clearly see your desired search terms move up in the rankings, and track the increase in traffic to your website.

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Ready to Launch an SEO Strategy for Your Business?

“SEO is a dynamic process that must adapt to an ever-changing digital space. However, no matter the changes, SEO is here to stay. A strategy centered in SEO is not only a good plan, but the best one.”

  •  Jeff Soto, Vice President of Strategy & Client Relations, KWSM

red megaphone / bullhornSEO is one of the best marketing strategies to start right away because it helps you target your ideal customers, increases organic traffic to your website, and can produce high-quality leads for little to no cost. All businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from an SEO strategy that optimizes content to reach the right customers.

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