Holiday Digital Marketing Best Practices

Nov 2020

November is here, and it marks the beginning of the holiday season. With so many holidays and National Days happening in the coming weeks, are you incorporating them into your marketing messaging? Doing so is an easy (and essential) way to connect with your target audience during this time of the year, even if your focus isn’t B2C. 

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Even if you aren’t focused on B2C sales, creating holiday campaigns can help your brand connect with your audience. After all, the holidays are what’s on everyone’s mind this time of year.

Know Your Goals 

Marketing should always be results- and goals-driven, so outline those now. Are you marketing around the holidays to start a conversation with your audience? Are you offering a service that your audience may find especially useful during this season? Are you offering a special promotion to give you a competitive advantage? Your end goal will determine your strategy and how you can begin to craft effective messaging to accomplish that goal. 

Know Key Dates

Flag key dates on your calendar now and start planning. Ask yourself which dates your audience is most interested in, and craft messaging around those dates. Crafting messaging for every single holiday, observance day, and national day will overwhelm your audience, so look at analytics to guide you when picking just the essential few. A little hashtag research quickly shows how many users are talking about certain noteworthy days. 


Most Talked About on Instagram

  • #VeteransDay – November 11 – 2.3M hashtags used 
  • #Thanksgiving – November 26 – 18.7M hashtags 
  • #FamilyDay – November 27 – 6.8M hashtags used 
  • #BlackFriday – November 27 – 12.5M hashtags used 
  • #SmallBusinessSaturday – November 28 – 1.7M hashtags used 
  • #CyberMonday – November 30 – 2M hashtags used 
  • #GivingTuesday – December 1 – 1.1M hashtags used 
  • #ChristmasEve – December 24 – 7.6M hashtags used 
  • #Christmas – December 25 – 145M hashtags used 
  • #NewYearEve/#NYE – December 31 –  8.7M/9.6M hashtags used respectively 
  • #NewYearsDay – January 1 – 1.8M hashtags used 


And, while it doesn’t make a splash in terms of social media impressions, National Electronic Greetings Day on November 29 may be the perfect excuse for your company to send out that newsletter or e-blast that you’ve been putting off. 


Don’t Scramble

For most of us, the holidays are synonymous with a jam-packed schedule. If you find yourself down-to-the-wire with writing a holiday campaign or dreaming up a promotion, don’t throw one together. Enlist help or re-prioritize (yes, this means some ideas may not come to fruition), because even worse than skipping a holiday is running a poor marketing campaign that deters your audience. 


Say Thank You

The whole year has been a challenging one, so utilizing your digital marketing assets to thank your fanbase for sticking with you might not be a whole campaign, but should be included at least once to ensure your customers have continued loyalty into 2021. 


Why Understanding Lead Generation is Vital to SuccessFacebook sees an increase of over 26 percent users posting during the holiday season. 

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