3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Nov 2020

easy_ways_to_incorporate_video_in_marketing_strategyEven though digital marketing is communicated from device to device, humanizing your content and brand is essential for effective marketing. Your audience only sees your business through a screen, but they should be able to tell there is a person on the other end of the posts and feel connected to your brand on a personal level. One of the best ways to humanize your content? Video. Read on to discover 3 easy ways to incorporate video into your marketing.

Try Vlog-Style

If you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and film video content each week, incorporating vlog-style videos is a low-effort way to build your content library. Choose a personable employee (or ask your entire team) to film themselves, selfie-style, as they go about their workday. As a follower of your brand, consumers love getting a glimpse into what the real day-to-day of your company looks like. These vlog-style videos are meant to be casual and short to help keep your audience engaged in your business. To take vlogging a step further, go live on social media. Almost every social platform offers the option to go live, and doing so lets your audience see the human side of your business in real-time.

Host a Q&A 

Some of the most interesting and engaging videos for audiences are those where their real questions are answered. Put out a poll on social media or through an e-blast, asking your audience about their most-wondered questions in your area of expertise. Filming short clips answering one question at a time is a great way to build lots of video content to spread out over time, or grouping them together into a longer round-table style discussion can increase session duration on your social media profiles or website.

Outsource It

If you’re looking for high-quality video but don’t have the time or resources to film and edit in-house, outsourcing video content to an experienced team is highly recommended. Budgeting for a half-day of filming can provide you with multiple high-quality videos to use in your content over the next several months. Choosing to outsource video content can keep your business’s online presence looking professional and clean while highlighting your people and processes. 


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Make an impact and stay human by incorporating video into your digital marketing. KWSM has years of experience producing high-quality videography for a wide variety of industries and companies. We’re ready to help you take your video marketing to the next level.

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