3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Consider this Holiday Season

Oct 2020

The holiday season is officially here, but preparations have been underway for most businesses since the end of summer. Staying ahead of the curve is key for businesses that aim to get their customers’ attention during this busy time of year. It’s important to remind them of what they need before they need it. 

No matter your industry, implementing a marketing strategy can have an impact on your efforts and help you reach your goals. To help you navigate this holiday season, we have a few digital marketing suggestions for your business.

Email Automation

Email automation is an effective form of digital marketing that allows you to nurture your audience with timely and well-positioned emails. Automating your emails helps you guide customers down the marketing funnel with consistent communication. This tactic was designed to save you time and energy, as well as help you reach or nurture your audience. Once a specific action is completed, you can then rely on your business’ automation system to trigger an appropriate email response.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are a great way to target your audience when they’re looking for your business’ offerings. The key to an effective ad is to use a unique copy and an enticing offer. Remember, space for your ad copy is limited, and every pixel of matters when you’re paying for it. When pursuing holiday-focused ads, use festive copy so your audience knows that your deal is current and includes an incentive.

Content Marketing

If you want to try an organic approach to your holiday marketing strategy, content marketing is a great place to start. This strategy focuses on distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and engage your audience. Great content helps you stay top of mind. It can also be used to accomplish goals like increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and engaging your audience. You can use social media platforms, your blog, or a combination of both to deliver information about your business.


megaphone72% of online marketers consider high-quality content creation as the most efficient SEO tactic.

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