Guide Your Website Copy With These Landing Page Examples

Apr 2022

landing-page-examplesLanding pages are solo web pages with a dedicated purpose: to convert visitors into leads. Some landing pages get straight to the point, while others may offer a little something, such as a free consultation or ebook, in exchange for contact information. With this data, businesses can render cold leads warm and lead them further down the funnel. However, a poorly crafted landing page will only result in high bounce rates and wasted efforts.

To keep you up to date on the latest landing page standards, we’ve listed a few landing page examples from big-name brands to align your strategies with. By understanding your target market’s pain points, keeping your headlines and CTAs cohesive, and employing video marketing, both your conversion rates and overall lead gen can stand to benefit.



We’ve all heard of Lyft, Uber’s direct competitor. Prior to COVID-19 and the economic downturn, Lyft saw significant growth in annual revenues – and its online presence has been an integral factor. Between Lyft’s website, landing pages, and broader online sales funnel, the company has built steady traction in the U.S. rideshare industry. 

Lyft needs willing drivers to operate. As you can see below, they hone in on new drivers who want flexibility in their work schedules. Interested drivers are first promised flexibility with the headline, “Want to be your own boss?” Then, they’re called to take action: “Start today.”




The headline is large, almost impossible not to notice, and gets prospects thinking about the question at hand. It’s also a tough question to say no to. After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

After making their promise, Lyft lists out three additional benefits for new drivers to consider. They back up their promise of work flexibility with reliable earnings, a list of requirements, and alternatives if you don’t have a car – giving you all the necessities to become a Lyft driver ASAP.

One other detail to note is the “APPLY TO DRIVE” button. Rather than assuming they’ll land the position with something like, “JOIN THE TEAM” or ‘WE WANT YOU,” Lyft goes in a different direction. By using the word “APPLY,” it’s implied that you may not get the position – stoking competition and motivation among candidates.



Hubspot, an all-in-one CRM and digital marketing platform, is another company whose landing pages sell. Each of these landing page examples have clear intent, though Hubspot is especially skilled in delivering a tailored message: that their software can help potential customers simplify their marketing, sales, and service operations. 

Hubspot knows that most new customers will have the same pain of learning a brand new CRM from scratch. To quell this fear, they chose a headline that puts us at ease: “There’s a better way to grow.” Then, they briefly explain that their software caters to marketing, sales, and service needs so that visitors are clear on what they’re reading about. 




Although the message is short and concise, it speaks volumes about Hubspot’s understanding of their target customer. By understanding their target’s main objection to learning a new CRM, they could more easily tailor their message to get straight to the point.  In essence, Hubspot has mastered saying a lot with a little.


Shopify Plus

Shopify, one of the largest and most popular ecommerce platforms to date, is ahead of the landing page game. Although they’ve had the luxury of testing out several landing page builds, their experimentation has paid off. This landing page is for their Shopify Plus service, which caters to companies in enterprise commerce. 




The primary goal is driving visitors to book a consultation call, as seen with the casual CTA, “Let’s talk.” This is accompanied by a large headline that makes two separate promises – “Flexible and fast to launch” – similarly to the Lyft landing page. Then, in two short sentences, Shopify promises cost-effectiveness before encouraging calling visitors to take action: “Start selling online now.” 

However the most powerful item in this landing page is the use of video marketing. Professional grade videos can be expensive, but they’re arguably the fastest way to deliver information to potential customers. Plus, Shopify has the budget to work with. 

Although they’re already plenty credible, the video is meant to “push you over the edge,” in a way. If you weren’t going to book a call before, you will after watching. It’s a perfect example of how profitable video content can be when used the right way. 



30% of Leading Landing Pages Use Video Content

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