5 Ways to Recycle Content

Apr 2022

5 Ways to Recycle ContentTo recycle content can feel taboo for some professionals, but I’m here to break the myth. Repurposing content is an effective strategy your business should be implementing. Here’s why.

Benefits of Recycling Content

In the years that you have been writing blog posts, developing videos, recording podcasts, and producing social media content, you have volumes of relevant material that can and should be used to reach new audiences with different buyer personas. You can also build deeper loyalty with your current audience by sharing content that interests them most. 

Repurposing strategies can also save you time. The best pieces of content are created with keywords and topical content in mind. Resharing or creating an alternative version of high-performing pieces of content is a great way to share something new while also continuing to drive traffic back to the blog, post, or video that has been bringing in customers.

There are several ways you can successfully implement this upcycling content marketing strategy

Turn a Posts Into Media

One of the simplest ways to recycle content you already have is to expand out a blog post or a series of social posts into media elements. This includes things like videos, infographics, and even podcasts. Take the topics you’ve shared in your blog or social posts and develop bite-sized content. You might even consider creating a series of media pieces to support the different main topics included in your original blog or posts. Not only will this help add a fresh look at a subject your audience is already interested in, but it will also help you plan an interactive content strategy. 

Create a Round-Up Post

Round-up posts are another popular way to recycle content in a timely manner. Many businesses do this towards the new year by creating a yearly round-up of highlights and top-performing content. Think about what your audience has been interacting with most and consider modeling this tactic. Once you’ve created your round-up blog, image, or video, share it with your audience everywhere that you are connected. Be sure to include links back to the original content you published previously to keep traffic moving through your website. 

Combine a Series of Blogs Into Gated Content

Do you have a few blogs that continue to perform well on your site? Maybe you have a few hot topics that are trending in organic searches. Capitalize on these trends by turning a series of blog posts into gated content like white papers and ebooks. By using the blogs you have as the base for information, you can add in design pieces, infographics, and even industry quotes to reinforce your message. Then by adding a form to download this piece, you can learn more about your audience and remarket to them later via email and paid ads. 

Share Long-Form Content as Articles and Guest Posts

Repurposing content shouldn’t be just a tactic you use on your own channels. Guest posting is a simple way to use the knowledge you have and build yourself up as an expert in your industry. Take a long-form piece such as a guide and break that content down into separate articles. Then, pitch these to publications that fit your industry and start building backlinks to your website. This allows you to show your expertise in front of a new audience and open the doors to new prospects. 

Use Content in Email Drip Sequences

Another great way to reuse your top content is through email drip sequences. You can create an education series directed at those that sign up for your email communication. There are several ways you can do this. In version one of the series,  you can highlight many topics you talk about in your long-form blogs with the goal to direct readers back to your website to read the full article or download the ebook you are presenting. The alternative version allows you to put this information only inside of emails and provide a different call to action for this list. This tactic can work to your advantage by giving your readers that VIP treatment to “exclusive” information.

It’s important to remember that not all content is viable for repurposing. Time-sensitive pieces such as those that align with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas shouldn’t be repurposed and shared in May. When using this strategy, it’s important to look at what content you have that is performing well or is evergreen and develop supportive pieces that will keep your audience engaged.

Only 31% of businesses think their current content marketing strategy is effective.

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