Mother’s Day Opt-Out Messaging – What Empathetic Marketing Means for Your Business

Apr 2022

Within the last few years, as the world has experienced an influx of grief, many brands sought ways to remain tonally adherent to their customers. One tactic that brands have implemented is a marketing protocol that gives subscribers the opportunity to opt-out of receiving Mother’s Day messaging. The idea was first used by a UK florist brand in 2019, and they have since branded their philosophy as Thoughtful Marketing. When 2020 brought increased grieving among families, many female-centric brands adapted the philosophy.

What is Opt-Out Messaging?

The offer is simple: in the weeks leading up to the occasion that could be troubling time for grieving families, companies will send their subscribers an email asking them if they would rather avoid seeing promotional content around that specific campaign. Subscribers who opt-out can then continue to see what remains of the promotional materials.

The virality of the idea stems out of a desire to bring empathy into the marketing space. Today’s highly conscious consumers seek brands that take an active part in making the world around them better. Businesses are increasingly making cause marketing a pillar of their overall strategy.

Potential Pitfalls

Last year and the year before, companies offering their customers an opt-out was a move that was widely praised. This year, there is increased skepticism all-around that brands may be too eager to virtue-signal, rather than find workable solutions that reach a broader audience. Regarding opt-out emails, some debate that subscribers may find that these emails just as upsetting as promotional emails  — maybe worse. As empathetic marketing efforts grow, many teams debate alternative methods to ensure that their customers feel seen and listened to.

Understanding Audience and Empathetic Marketing

There are many reasons why a subscriber would want to opt-out of seeing Mother’s Day messaging. They may have lost their mother, have a struggling relationship with their mother, struggle with infertility, or they may be grieving a lost child among countless other reasons. Everyone is different and faces different challenges. Not everyone grieves in the same way. Some choose to embrace Mother’s Day as a way to process their emotions. Others may avoid the occasion at all costs. It can be difficult to think of the perfect solution that will be all things to all people.

Having a specific and supported marketing strategy is crucial for any business wanting to take part in cause marketing. A team of people with experience in the industry can help you locate benchmarks, provide a wide range of perspectives, and come up with unique solutions.


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