Finding Your Law Firm’s Brand Voice

Oct 2020

Each law firm and its lawyers have a different personality and expertise, and before you create messaging for your brand online through your website, social media, ads, and more you need to determine what your brand is, and what your tone of voice should sound like. 


This decision may seem intimidating, but there are two steps you can take to break this task down and create results for your firm. 


Establish Your Words


The first step to creating your brand is to establish your core values and tone of voice. While not every firm or lawyer needs to have a set of core values that you share online, you need to know how you want your firm to be perceived. Core values could include reliability, drive, communication, passion, and a host of other characteristics. Once you determine these values, you can include this wording in your messaging to encourage clients to trust your expertise. 

In addition to creating your core values, you should also determine the tone of voice that you want to speak with online. Remember that this tone needs to represent you accurately,  so that people are not caught off-guard when they meet you in person. Is your firm serious and focused or witty and personable? Are you quirky or straightforward? Consider your strengths and use them to your benefit. You can be witty and continue to display your results. Our team has seen success and increased engagement for clients who use their personalities to be personable with prospects. 


Craft Cohesive Visuals


In addition to creating your brand’s tone of voice, you should pair this with your firm’s visuals. If you have a more serious tone, you may want to have straightforward graphics with simple colors. On the other hand, if you are witty and show your personality, you can use brighter colors and catchy phrases to grab your audience’s attention. 

Whichever colors and templates you choose, make sure they are in line with your website’s  brand colors and guidelines so that your messages are cohesive visually and textually. Whether you use a creative graphic or an image, keep the subject of the visual on par with the text and tone you use. A serious tone does not flow well with a visual of someone celebrating a great case ruling. 

Once you create graphics and visuals to use on your website and social media, you can create messaging that resonates with the corresponding visuals. 

These two steps are only the beginning of the branding process, and developing this identity is essential to creating impactful and memorable marketing campaigns. If your law firm needs help identifying your tone and visuals, our team of strategists can help. 


80% of prospective clients research law firms online before engaging them with a case. 

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