Facebook Goes All In on AI for e-commerce

Feb 2019

Snapchat uses a VR feature to celebrate Black History Month, Facebook acquires a new shopping software, and YouTube is changing its algorithm to help you out. These are some of the trending stories in social media this week.


Take a Vacation – YouTube’s Got You Covered


YouTube has long been known for advocating and encouraging creators to tap into their creativity to produce new and exciting content. Perhaps on the more empathetic side – the platform is also hyper-aware of the burnout that can come with constantly churning out content. Previously, there was a need for creators to produce new content regularly to build up and maintain their viewership.  But just like anything else, that driving mentality has made many fearful to take a break and get left behind. But there’s a worse outcome – burnout!


YouTube recently announced that its new algorithm will work to allow you to take a break and when you are ready to hit publish again, your viewers will see your content as often as before. YouTube’s product manager, Todd Beaupre, told The Verge, “There are some channel types or content where the audience is really expecting a consistent experience. Connecting with a creator, maybe a vlogger, that consistency can be really important. But I don’t think it applies to all channels. We definitely want to set YouTube up so that all different types of channels can be successful and really let the audience drive what gets recommended.”


Is Facebook about to Change the Way We Shop?

Facebook recently purchased GrokStyle – the same AI virtual shopper assistant that allows you to preview what a chair from Ikea will look like in that empty corner of your living room, simply by using the camera feature and the app. Social shopping proved to be successful for Facebook, as it introduced the ability to shop through Live Videos last December.  What plans does the dominating platform have for GrokStyle’s software? No word yet; One thing is for sure – there is an unavoidable merge for social media and e-commerce on the horizon.


Snapchat Celebrates Black History Month in a Way We’ve Never Seen Before

Speaking of virtual reality, Snapchat is currently using its VR feature to celebrate Black History Month by allowing users to experience a virtual art gallery, featuring the art of black millennial artists. This tool allows users who may not typically wander into exhibits to experience the talent of black artists and be inspired by the creativity and rich history. To access to the art gallery, open Snapchat and swipe to the rainbow-colored lens in the Lens Caurosel. As you flip the camera, you will be immersed in the beautiful and inspiring art exhibit. Enjoy this unique storytelling experience of Black History Month!


Did you know: Online stores that have a social presence have 32% more sales on average than stores that don’t.

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