Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift

Mar 2014

The world of social media is always renewing itself in some way or another. With frequent updates and resurfacing content, it can be hard to keep up with on a daily basis.  It’s important to stay informed of the current issues and trends so that your social media presence stays relevant. Using social media is one thing, but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news!


facebook, oculus riftFacebook recently acquired Oculus Rift, an advanced gaming technology company. The social media giant continues to strive to create a more connected and open global community. To learn more about this story, click here



instagram, usersInstagram hit 200 million users this week, and the user base keeps growing. The mobile social media channel is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. For more on this story, click here.



yelp and yellow pagesYelp has partnered with YP, more commonly known as the Yellow Pages. The deal allows for Yellow Pages to have content posted under Yelp listings. For more information on this partnership, click here.



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