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Apr 2014

linkedin website traffic, social media agency, katie wagner social mediaLinkedIn can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.  In fact, it is often a top referrer of website traffic for our clients.  The key to driving traffic from LinkedIn to your website is quality content.  If you don’t have something valuable to share with people, no one wants to deepen their relationship with you.  However, if you do have quality content, you can attract a lot of people from LinkedIn to check out your website.


It All Starts with Content

This is true for everything online, but especially true for LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has quality content built in to the site.  Between their influencers posts and Pulse, great content is the standard on LinkedIn.  If you don’t have something equally important or valuable to share, it’s probably not going to get much traction.  Before you share anything on LinkedIn, write a great blog post.  Maybe it’s teaching people about something you are an expert on, or a commentary on changes in your industry.  Whatever it is, give it some good thought and spend time creating a post that will educate and add value for whoever is reading it.


Share in LinkedIn Groups

Once you have a great piece of content, share it in the LinkedIn groups you are in.  If you haven’t joined any groups, find a few groups that have people in your target audience.  Sharing quality content in these groups will be the best way to drive traffic to your website.

However, you need to be careful that you do not spam these groups.  When you share your post in these groups, you will actually be starting a ‘discussion.’ You will have the opportunity to title the discussion, share a link and expand on your discussion topic when you post.  Be sure to fill these out.

The most important thing about posting in groups is getting people to comment on the post. The more people that comment on your post, the more the post will be shown to other people in the group.  Because of this, when you title your discussion, ask a question that directly relates to blog.  This will encourage people to interact with your post. When they do comment on your discussion, be sure to jump in and comment back.  All of this interaction will keep your post at the top of the group and more people will see the post, and click to your website.


Share with Your Connections

Two more places that you should share your content are in your home feed and as a message to your connections.  Sharing the post in your home feed will expose your post to anyone who you are connected to if they are logged in at that time.  This is an important place to share your content.

Sending a message to your connections can be very effective because it is like sending all your connections an email.  However, because of that, you do not want to send them a message more than once per month as a rule of thumb.  When you do send a message, be sure it’s short and sweet and adds value.  People will respond better to something that teaches them something and will respond negatively if you try to sell them on something.


Share on Your Company Page

Lastly, share your post on your company page.  If people are following your company page, they have opted in to letting you talk to them about your company.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  You already know that these people are interested in you and your company, so sharing a new piece of valuable content with them will help them stay connected and want to do business with you.


Whenever you are trying to attract website traffic, always keep in mind that the better the content is, the more traffic you will have.  If the content is really excellent, it will be much easier to attract people to your website.

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