Doubling Down on Influencer Marketing | Social Media Help Desk Episode 55

Apr 2019

Is influencer marketing truly the way of the future? If Instagram’s latest updates are any indication, it might be! This week on the Social Media Help Desk, Assistant Project Manager Alexandra Hall is leading our panel members, Content Editor Olivia Riley and me, as we discuss Instagram new Brand Partner updates, Spring Cleaning for your website, and the latest changes and updates to your favorite social media channels.


I’m kicking things off this week with the news about Instagram’s brand partner capability. Instagram is beginning to roll out a new function where marketers and businesses will be able to promote their influencer partnerships as ads on Instagram. This changes the game when it comes to influencer marketing and will help brands expand their ROI and targeting, making their influencer strategy more effective. I’m sharing all the details and explaining what this change means for marketers, influencers, and consumers.


We’ve all got spring cleaning on the brain, and the same rules apply for your company’s website. Olivia is talking to us about the top ways you can tidy up your site, and the nooks and crannies you should be focusing on during your deep clean.


As always, we’re wrapping up this week’s episode of the Social Media Help Desk with the top stories in the digital marketing space this week. From Facebook’s changes to memorial pages to Snapchat’s attempt to keep up with the times, we’re discussing our thoughts on the changes and how they can affect your marketing efforts.Visit Store


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