The Difference Between In-Stream Videos and Newsfeed Videos on Facebook Ads

Apr 2019

When diving into the world of Facebook Ads Manager, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of options you have to create different campaigns. To help, we’re breaking down the difference between a Newsfeed Video and an In-Stream Video on Facebook Ads.

Facebook In-Stream Video

When using a Facebook In-Stream Video as an ad placement, you are allowed to create and deliver 5-15 seconds of non-skippable video that plays during ads to people who are already watching Facebook videos on mobile. The benefit is that these ads don’t play until 60 seconds into the main video’s content, when you already have the audience’s attention. By this time, your viewer is actively engaged. Similar to any other Facebook ad campaign, advertisers can choose their target audiences for in-stream video ads. In-Stream Video ads are great if your goal is to increase visibility, brand awareness, reach, or engagement.

Facebook Newsfeed Video

You can create newsfeed video ads that run on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. This is great for brands trying to show off a product, service or brand in different places – on or off Facebook. Video ads support multiple aspect ratios depending on the placement. You can also show different pieces of creative when you use the asset customization feature in Ads Manager. Facebook Newsfeed Videos can run for up to 240 minutes.

The main difference between Newsfeed Video ads and In-Stream Video ads is that newsfeed video ads are standalone ads that appear in users’ newsfeeds, rather than within another video. In-stream ads are embedded in another piece of video content. In addition, in-stream ads require sound, while newsfeed ads do not.

Video marketing is one of the most important additions to your marketing toolbox. Using video is a versatile and profitable way to boost conversations and sales.

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