Does Instagram Have a Scheduling Tool?

Sep 2022

Native scheduling toolIn the coming days, Instagram is rolling out its native post scheduling tool that could help streamline sharing feed posts, Reels, and Stories. Previously, Instagram users could schedule through the Meta Creator Studio. This new update will allow users to schedule mobility directly from the Instagram app. Here’s what you should know about this native scheduling tool and best practices for social media automation.

Mobile Scheduling

Although users have been able to schedule Instagram content via the Meta dashboard, businesses were limited to desktop access only. Instagram’s native scheduling tool provides instant access to scheduling videos, photos, and Reels from the palm of users’ hands. Once logging into the Meta business suite, users will still be able to see their full content calendar even if posts were scheduled via the mobile app.

Scheduling can also work to your advantage when it comes to holidays. Most businesses close their offices over the holidays. Instead of tasking someone to post to Instagram on their “day off,” this native scheduler can help load the appropriate posts to go out on the right days. 

Risks of a Native Scheduling Tool

Although social media automation can feel like the perfect solution for managing your social content, scheduling posts is a tactic that should be used sparingly. Things like breaking news can blow up your content calendar because it is completely unpredictable. If you have content already scheduled on Instagram, this could go live at the wrong time. By using a scheduler, you also run the risk of posts not going live at all. If left unchecked, your account could be dormant for days without you knowing. If you are scheduling your posts, be sure to check your account daily to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Benefits of Posting Live

When possible, it’s ideal to post all videos, Instagram Reels, and photos in real-time to get the maximum exposure for your content. Because users are adamant about authenticity, scheduled posts in a feed may be easy to spot. Your followers may see these planned pieces and assume that it’s a bot and not a person behind the channel. If your post feels more in the moment and like a real person wrote it, your audience is more likely to want to engage with your content organically.

This new native scheduling tool on Instagram can be helpful for many businesses that are on the go. However, it’s important to continue to monitor your profile as these posts go live to ensure you are still delivering the most authentic message to your audience. 

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