3 B2B Marketing Trends

Sep 2022

As a business owner or operator, you’ve likely changed many business practices over the last few years – whether that’s streamlining inefficiencies or adopting a hybrid/remote work environment.  The marketing landscape has changed in that time, and for businesses looking to connect and work with other businesses, the approach to making a connection has also changed. The mixers, conventions, and trade shows have diminished a bit, and some C-suites have scaled back traveling or event budgets. How do you position your company to make a great first impression?  We’ve broken down three B2B marketing trends to help you keep the leads in your pipeline.

Storytelling Educates Your Audience

Of course, at KWSM, storytelling is at our core, and we believe it should be the core of how you represent your business. Authenticity is everything, and when time is of the essence and bandwidth can be stretched thin, finding a business that says and does what it promises is important.


It’s important for you to communicate the “why” of what you do.  How does your team deliver on its promise?  What are your core values?  What drives you to serve client-partners well?  You might be surprised by the impact that storytelling has on business development. If you’re ever unsure of this, go look in your Google Analytics.  You will often see that pages like “Meet the Team” and “About Us” are viewed for longer times than the product or services pages on your website.


The relationship starts with who you are, so don’t be shy about telling your story. It’s clear  there is an emotional element involved in B2B marketing. This is why more and more businesses are sharing their authentic selves to help their products or services stand out, get remembered, and close deals. 

Incorporating Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

Beyond your website service pages, blogging is an essential method of content marketing that can build relationships and drive leads. Consumers today want to feel a connection with a business before handing over their money, and an effective way for businesses to create that connection is by sharing their stories through blogging. People trust the written word, and blogs add that extra credibility to your business. Three types of blogs that people love to read are:


  • Employee features
  • Founder’s story
  • Testimonials/Case Studies

You can have the perfect product or service page, but explaining why you do what you do best, or better yet, someone else explaining how great your product or service is, can be the key to securing new business.

Enhancing PPC ROI with AI and Machine Learning

Beyond organic, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are still the quickest way to capture a prospect.  That’s because people turn to search engines like Google to find their answers. At any given time, there are millions of people actively searching for a solution. When you position your business as the solution they need, they will be inclined to visit your website and learn more.

But not all PPC ads are the same. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning can improve your Pay-Per-Click return on investment. Google Ads’ “Smart Bidding” analyzes multiple variables at once, optimizing your ad spend based on the analysis of your data. Of course, you will need human involvement. Good copywriting can address the wants and needs of your target audience and show how your solution alleviates the pain points they are facing. Search interest in Google’s Smart Bidding increased by 80% this past year; you can expect to see more and more B2B companies adopt this new approach to optimize PPC campaigns.

The B2B landscape is always evolving. How your business communicates with your prospects is key. Don’t get left behind; work with KWSM to develop a powerfully balanced and targeted organic and digital advertising strategy that will expand your reach and generate leads and more potential customers.

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