Benefits of Having Technical Copywriter for Brand Marketing

Aug 2022

Those seeking the best writer to aid their brand marketing strategy might find themselves lost in the terminology about what type of writer they need. It’s incredibly common for people to use the title Technical Writer and Technical Copywriter interchangeably, but they address different needs.

What is the Difference Between a Copywriter, Technical Writer, and a Technical Copywriter?

These titles are all similar but refer to slightly different writing styles and needs. It is not uncommon for a single person to have the skill set to behave as all three.

A copywriter creates persuasive content that is meant to connect with its readers on a personal level. Content created by a copywriter may seek to establish brand voice, create trust, demonstrate subject-matter expertise, or otherwise connect customers to the business. A copywriter may write website copy, email campaigns, blog posts, social media and search engine advertisements, print advertisements, video scripts, and other similar types of content. Their profession requires them to understand the intention of the business and its audience.

A technical writer is a subject matter expert on your particular product or service, and they write detailed technical instructions as to how to use the product. Technical writers may write tutorial videos, how-to guides, instruction manuals, glossaries, libraries, journal articles, diagrams, or other similar pieces of content. Their profession requires them to gain an in-depth and unique knowledge of a business’ product or service, and to then relay that information for those unfamiliar with the product.

A technical copywriter brings together the best parts of copywriting and technical writing, by persuading potential customers through a thorough understanding of the product and its operations. A technical copywriter will break down why a company’s services or products are better than similar products on the market. They may write white papers, case studies, journal articles, press releases and other deliverables.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Technical Copywriter for Brand Marketing?

Technical copywriters reach across the aisle by breaking complex technical processes into digestible pieces for laypersons. Technical copywriters can then target the unique propositions of the product they are marketing, presenting those features as a way to meet the unique needs of the audience.

Technical copywriters know how to insert the human element back into the products and services that they are marketing. They can give you a unique look at your company’s potential buyers, bridging the information gap.

Do I Need a Technical Copywriter for My Brand?

Technical copywriters work best in spaces where companies are aiming to sell either complex digital software or services, such as the SaaS, IaaS, and IT services, or technically complex products, such as medical devices, electronics, hardware, and machinery.

Any products or services outside of those specific industries can typically work just fine with a copywriter. The best copywriters are subject matter experts in a wide range of industries, and can bring their knowledge of marketing strategies to each unique project.

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