Digital Marketing Agency Case Study: Wealth Management Firm Acquires New Leads

Aug 2023

In the spring of 2022, a wealth management firm in Atlanta decided it was time to refresh their decades-old website and step up their online presence. After speaking with some referrals, they decided to partner with KWSM, a digital marketing agency with a track record of helping small and mid-sized businesses generate results since 2010.

At the start of the partnership, the firm expressed that they simply wanted greater visibility and a more attractive digital marketing presence – a competitive and modernized website, a social media presence that better encapsulated who they are and what they do, more email subscribers, and a way for people to find them from Google Search. 

They made it clear that they never expected any qualified leads to come in through the web forms… but that misconception didn’t last long.

Digital Marketing Agency Case Study

Let’s take a look at how we acquired two qualified multi-million dollar leads through the firm’s website within the first two months of launching our digital marketing strategy.

The Problem

Before working with KWSM, the wealth management firm already had the basic tactics in motion – a straightforward website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, print letters and brochures, and a quarterly e-newsletter. 

However, these assets weren’t optimized to generate results and they weren’t working together in a cohesive digital marketing strategy

As a result, their reports were stagnant month to month, and they never received a new lead from their digital efforts alone – they had to rely on referrals and word of mouth for new business.

Our Strategy

We decided to split our strategy into two phases. Phase 1 would optimize the basic central elements of their marketing plan and lay the groundwork for Phase 2, which would focus entirely on promotion and extending reach. 

Phase 1 started with a total web rebuild. We removed and replaced all outdated imagery and language that wasn’t serving the client or resonating with their target audience, implemented a more user-friendly site map, and added interactive design elements to keep site visitors engaged as they explored the different pages. This rebuild also included writing updated SEO and metadata so the site would be findable via Google Search.

Next, we conducted a full-day video shoot where we interviewed various Portfolio Managers and members of the firm’s leadership team. This way we could showcase the faces of the firm, highlight its decades-long history of success, and ultimately build trust with potential prospects

“We hear from clients all the time how their own prospects and clients express that the videos on their sites played a huge role in feeling like they knew the team, even before their first kick-off call. Video allows prospects to get an idea of who they would be working with, which starts building trust without them even realizing it.”

– Taylor David, Director of Accounts, KWSM

While this work was in motion, we were also updating the client’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages with fresh copy, contact information, and other best practices for driving traffic to the site.

Once the new site was ready and the videos were added to key pages, it was time to start creating social media content that captured users’ attention and drove them to the website where they could learn more information.

The Results

For context, the nature of the high net worth wealth management industry is such that even just one new client can bring enough revenue to last 6-8 months at a time. 

That’s why it was such a big deal when the firm received multiple high-quality leads through their web forms. Those leads have since become clients, each worth millions of dollars in investable assets – all in just three months after Phase 1 went public. 

Both clients saw the content we posted on the firm’s LinkedIn, followed the link to the new site, watched one of the videos, and immediately filled out the contact form to get in touch with the firm’s sales team. The funnel worked exactly as we designed it.

The firm went from not believing that its digital efforts could ever bring in new clients to seeing first-hand what a solid digital strategy can accomplish. Imagine what will happen when Phase 2 goes into motion soon…

A Digital Marketing Strategy that Drives Results

At KWSM: a digital marketing agency, we begin by meeting with your team to learn the ins and outs of your business, brand, culture, and story. Then we develop a comprehensive 6-month strategy that details exactly how we plan to drive the results you’re looking for.

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