The Benefits of Leadership Training at KWSM

Aug 2023

Even a natural-born leader can hone and improve their leadership skills. Whether you are a veteran leader or a fresh and upcoming leader, leadership training can help you reach new heights, not only in your career but in daily life as well! I’ve learned many great skills from my experiences in the KWSM Leadership Program, such as enhanced listening skills, efficient problem-solving, and the confidence to successfully lead through the most challenging situations. 

Leadership can seem scary at times, especially when you’re an introvert navigating through the rapidly evolving business world. But breaking through those fears and leaning into the potential of becoming an efficient and resourceful leader will give you the opportunity to reach a new perspective that fuels your career. Decision-making is often seen as the most important aspect of being a great leader, but in order to make a good decision, it’s crucial that you actively listen to your team and take into consideration their perspectives. You don’t have to be a lone wolf in your decision-making process, your team is full of great resources that can help align your viewpoint into a fully formed decision. 

Active Listening Skills are Crucial for Leadership

The first key to becoming a keen communicator is active listening; it decreases the risk of missing information and allows you to absorb what is being expressed to you fully. Thus, you’re able to gain more knowledge and properly identify and effectively resolve any potential problems. If you’re struggling to grasp what’s being communicated, asking for clarification is the perfect way to demonstrate that you’ve been listening and want to gain a better understanding.

Proactive communication does not come easy for some, while others may have no problem sharing what’s on their minds. Although it is a crucial part of becoming a successful leader, it’s often the most overlooked. Through my experience in the KWSM Leadership Program, I’ve learned the positive effects of efficiently communicating with clients and how negligent communications can negatively affect those relationships as well. I’ve also learned how leadership training aids in fostering better working relationships with my teammates and enhances personal relations.

As a digital account manager, I’ve had the opportunity to apply active listening throughout my daily activities. Now when I’m collaborating with my team on a project, I make a conscious effort to engage with each person, asking questions in order to give them the opportunity to share, so that I can listen and receive their feedback and apply it to create a beneficial result for the whole team. Not all teams are the same, but one commonality is that they all need a competent leader that truly listens and observes, and acknowledges their individual experiences.  

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Decision-Making Becomes Streamlined

After processing everything you just absorbed from your active listening session, it’s time to make a decision. Giving your team the undivided attention they deserve creates a clear line of focus for the leader, allowing them to make informed decisions that genuinely represent the group and positively impact the overall success of a project. As leaders we want to avoid making decisions that negatively affect the team’s objectives – that’s one way to lose the respect and trust of your team members. We want our teams to feel supported and empowered to go out and tackle the task at hand without hesitation. 

Ready to become a leader?

At KWSM, we know that investing in leadership training is a valuable asset for anyone, at any level of the organization. We see the benefits that in-house leadership training provides for our agency. Everyone strives to establish a good system of communication amongst the team, whether it’s a daily company call or a private one on one, each person has the opportunity to share their opinions, ideas, and feedback. We give our team members the time and space to voice their perspectives, while the rest of us practice active listening. This has created a space for the agency – and our team members – to grow and thrive.

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