Creating a TikTok Video That Resonates With Your Audience

Sep 2021

TikTok, the newest addictive social media app, has brought in billions of users from all over the world. 

Harnessing its power for your business can be a game-changer. The platform is special because it allows you to connect with your audience in ways that other social platforms can’t. First, it helps you build authority faster than any other platform. TikTok has the capability to advance you from creator to a thought leader in weeks. The platform is also great for helping you get more concise about your business and messaging; with only a few minutes to spare, less is more. 

So how can you use this platform to your advantage? Here’s how you can create a TikTok video that resonates with your audience

Focus on Niche Content

While universal content may help you rack up views quickly, it doesn’t always equal high engagement or sales. Niche content, on the other hand, is created with your ideal client in mind. Stick with constant content targeted at your audience, focus on growing a community, and offer some tips or behind the scene shots to enhance your status. 

Get Creative With the First Frame

One major difference between TikTok and other social platforms is the time you have to get people hooked on your video. With TikTok, you need to get that audience reeled in with the first frame. While this may seem difficult, one advantage that TikTok has over other platforms is that most people utilize the app with their sound on. This means you can utilize visuals and sound to get people involved. 

Try a pattern interrupt, such as a CTA for people to stop scrolling, or utilizing bold text for better engagement. 

Incorporate Jump Cuts

With TikTok, it’s all about the pre and post-production strategies to help you get more engagement on your videos. One effective tactic is to use jump cuts, which stops a video at one angle, makes a slight change, and then starts the video at another angle. This tactic helps keep your videos interesting and can also showcase a different angle of your product or service. Pro tip: Jump cuts are also great for hiding any pauses in your speech. 

TikTok has nearly 100 million monthly active users in the United States.

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