The Power of Visual Content

Sep 2021

The Power Of Visual Content

Creating content that is visually pleasing plays a huge role in the digital marketing landscape. We live in a world where visual content is a key factor in driving consumers to make purchase decisions. When creating a digital marketing strategy, whether it is on social media or email marketing, visual content helps increase your reach and enhance your brand.

While written words are a key element of content creation, visual content allows you to easily get your message across in a compelling way. The use of  visual content can also aid in increasing  followers, likes, shares, and visits which can lead to higher engagement and overall revenue. Creating a good mix of visual and textual content can help enhance your brand image and increase your reach.

Let’s dive deeper into the importance of visual content for marketing purposes. 

Brand Awareness

Creating content that is visually appealing can help maximize brand value by enabling customers to feel more inclined to interact with the brand. Most consumers establish an opinion about a brand before making purchase decisions, and that opinion often stems from how the brand is perceived visually at first glance. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply when deciding which brand we should choose. Instead, most people usually always go for the brand that looks the best as it can be viewed as an element of trustworthiness. ​​

Evoking Emotion

Another way to use visual content to increase brand awareness is by sharing a story through your images. Sharing stories, whether it is your brand story or stories shared by your customers, can help evoke emotion. Visual images often spark more emotion than words as they tell a story that resonates with the user instantly. Images by themselves can trigger many different emotions; paired with a good story, they can create very powerful emotional feelings. Stimulating the user’s emotions can help your brand stand out as it leaves a lasting impression and develops the user’s trust with your brand. 

Increasing Engagement

Evoking emotion with your visual content gets people talking about your brand and gives them encouragement to engage with the content. When a customer feels as though they can trust your brand, it is likely that they will refer you to people they know and encourage them to engage with your content as well. 

Easily Consumed

Our brains are hardwired to process visual content at fast rates. Not only do  visuals create an intense reaction from users, they are also processed much easier than any other type of content. Our brains process visual content at a very high speed–approximately 60,000 times faster than text.  Therefore, you are more likely to engage with a user on a post that focuses on visuals as opposed to textual content. 

Impact of Visual Content 

Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are some of the most popular social networks due to their use of visual elements. More than 3 billion images are shared daily all over the world and businesses are adopting better visual concepts to drive marketing campaigns. Because visual content is seen by more people and is easily consumed, it is easy to create a feeling of emotion through the content. By evoking emotion, brands are able to increase engagement and brand awareness.


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